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getting audio from 2 programs to one set of headphones

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Posted · Original PosterOP

so iv been trying to troubleshoot this for awile and i keep hitting a wall.


basicly im trying to play guitar in vr chat .. sounds simple. so i bought a guitar to usb cable and this computer came with "MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio" that has some amps and effects built in. works graight.


to get it in to vr chat i got "voice meter banana and there virtual audio cable to connect the 2 got it all set up and it works " mostly"  i can hear people in game thay can here me on my mic thay can hear the guitar but i have half a second to a second of  delay hearing what im playing makeing it imposibule to keep a beat " at this point i would just take my headphones off and just play acousticly so i can keep the beat and the people in vr chat can hear the full amp and effects".


so this is whare im stuck if i have the headphone set to the magix amp thares no lag at all and i can play thru the virtual  amp fine. but i cant hear people talking in game

if i have the headphones set to the mixer i can hear everything but the guitar has a dealy so i cant hear anything anyway because i half to take the headphones off to play


i can only select the headphones on one program and when i try on the other its denied "taken by another program" 


iv tried diffrent audio drivers majix low latency / asioall / asio link pro i might be doing something wrong but m so close ..

i just need something to output 2 programs audio to one set of headphones without "client sharing issues"


fyi i have gone in and set everything to not "let applications take exclusive control of this device" i was hopeing that would fix it but it dident-_-

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Posted · Original PosterOP

the only thing i can think of is having the guitar going to one headphone and have the game audio going to another set of headphones .. theirs got to be a way to have more than 1 program output to the same set of headphones but i cant fined a way-_-

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Posted · Original PosterOP

update i found the way to make it work i switched the vrtuwal cable to go to the game and direct connected the amp .. works grate now:)

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