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Case fans running at full speed

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Posted · Original PosterOP

i have 4 fans and only 1 system fan header so the remaining 3 are connected to the power supply but the problem is that they run at full speed at all times.Is there any solution to this?

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If you want to control them, you need a fan controller or splitters to plug them into your motherboard. 


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Well theres a few solutions. If they are PWM fans (4pins) then you can use a program called SpeedFan to control their speed, but they must be connected to a splitter to make the process easier.


There is also molex voltage splitters you can buy. They have 3 x 3pin headers coming from a single molex header, with various voltages 5v, 7v or 12v. The lower the voltage the lower the fan speed.


A 3rd option is similar to the second, you can buy a fan hub that has voltage regulators on it. Bitspower makes one 3 9 x 3pin headers....giving you 3x5v, 3x7v and 3x12v. Its abit of a muck around but you could power 3 fans off any one of those 3 headers by using fan splitters. So theoretically you could run 9 fans at 5v by using 3 x 3pin fan splitters plugged into each of the 3 5v headers for example.

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I have dealt with this issue a couple of times:


  1. Use a fan hub.
  2. Use a fan splitter.

For both options ensure you buy the correct 3 or 4(pwm) pin, to match the fans you have.



Will B's PCs

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