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Hi guys I've been following the 2019 ces very closely and must say im really impressed with the upcomming laptops and rtx tech , right now I have a gtx 1070/2600X desktop it does the job quite well , but its really unwieldly for using blender/powerpoint on the go , that's why I have considered a gaming laptop namely an alienware m15/m17 since they seem like a perfect balance beetwen gaming power and  weight. I know ALienware has reputation for being really really overpriced but it seems like the perfect machine for me and that's why I'd like to ask whether there are any skeletons in the closets in regards to AW laptops and whether the quality/warranty support are good?


Cheers Jake

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Do not judge by brand name! Wait until the model you want has been out for a few months and reviewed thoroughly before buying.


As for customer service alienware/dell isnt the worst, but they aren't good by any stretch.

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The last time I had to deal with Dell/Alienware customer support/warranty classic was in November of 2017. Had an Alienware laptop from my wife's classroom that friend the screen. Called support and got it sent in for repairs quickly. After they fixed it (3 weeks out) they sent it to the wrong address and refused to do anything. I had to get a lawyer in order to get the fixed and missing machine replaced. Finally got the replacement in December of 2018. 

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