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ms-78511 with a 2080?

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It will technically run, but whatever CPU you have in there is going to massively bottleneck a 2080. Also, this is a pre-built MSI Nightblade right? If you are still running the original system, the PSU is not going to be sufficient.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

well i was thinking of going for an other case with new GPU and GPU, and upgrade the the other components later.. what do you think?

(thanks for the fast reply btw.)

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2 hours ago, P2SMOKE said:

thats not what im saying, i cant afford to buy the whole rig at once

Unfortunately upgrading to a different graphics card is much easier than the Motherboard, CPU and RAM. Mobo, CPU and RAM will need to be upgraded together, but luckily prices for DDR4 have dropped from their outrageous prices a few months back. I would figure getting a lower end Mobo, 16GB DDR4, and maybe a Ryzen 5 2600 would run about $400. 


I'm unfamiliar with the prices of Intel's 8th and 9th gen i5 processors, but when it comes to tight budgets, ryzen is a good go-to. 

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