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V1Tech gpu backplates

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Posted · Original PosterOP


Anyone else had any experiences with V1Tech Backplates?

I got mine today and im not really happy with it, in all promotional pictures and user manuals the RGB strip looks to be invisible behind the backplate yet mine arrived like this.




I find that to be unacceptable, its unusable like that, the rgb strip is visible. 

Also when comparing backplate to graphics card, they forgot to cut one corner where dual 8pin gpu cables get attached, it will not sit flat on the graphics card if i were to install it, my order shows i ordered backplate for correct card.


I allready send message to customer support so lets see what they say.


Edit :

V1Tech support is actually good, in the end all issues were solved. 

Most of the issues were actually user error, but one issue was not and its also being solved by them.


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