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Hi, I'm a Mac user. I am wondering if I should buy an e-GPU. They are quite expensive, but I am wondering if they actually make a difference. Thanks!

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1 minute ago, Shimejii said:

No. Not generally worth it unless your doing a task that requires a much beefier gpu.

^^^ depends on what you're doing. Gaming? Wouldn't advise that on a mac in the first place. eGPUs are more for game development and rendering and such.

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Rebuilding with these specs one I have the time (CPU isn't currently in the rig):
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EVGA X99 Classified
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Radeon VII on an EK Acetal block and black EK backplate 
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OCing/tinkering rig:

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24GB (3x8) HyperX Fury DDR3 in Red - 1600Mhz CL9/OCed to ~2100Mhz CL10
EVGA 1050 Ti FTW

EVGA 1000W G3
Corsair Air 540


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