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iAli X

Which Console Should I Get ?

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16 hours ago, Stefan Payne said:

Yes and I was mentioning that the XBox One X is more expensive.

And the Hardware of the Xbox One S is also shittier (way less Memory Bandwith).

I'm just a gamer. I do not care where it runs on, I have it all...

BUT: A console without good exclusives is bullshit as it doesn't increase the amount of games I can play.


That isn't the only issue about the XBox One...

  1. The Controller didn't innovate
  2. No Bluetooth Support (-> no Wireless Headsets)
  3. Marketed as an "Entertainment Device" but doesn't support HDMI CEC
  4. Has HDMI Passthrough but doesn't work when Console is in Standby.
  5. the "advanced Standby" Power Consumption is rediculous -> like 20W or so (on the one X).
  6. And the best thing: Is marketed as Backwards compatible but you can't buy XBox 360 Games from the Webinterface on Windows or on the XBox One itself with the Money in your M$ Account (=Gift Cards).

You have to pay for that with Paypal, Credit Card or whatever.

You can buy a xbox 360 disk insert it in the one and viola you are good to go

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On 1/7/2019 at 10:05 AM, iAli X said:

Hi guys hope you’re all doing well , I’ve been confused which console should I get, I know that pc gaming is better in every single way but I need a console-beside my pc- for gaming on my tv

 So I was asking what’s better experience PS4 slim or Xbox one s

 And if I have to get one at a time which should I buy PS4 or Xbox one or Nintendo switch 

 Thank you and I hope you have a great day 

like others have pointed out pick the games before the console. If you want huge story driven games like god of war, spider man, etc.. then Ps4 might be for you. If you like Japanese style games or indies, then the switch may be more your cup of tea. If you're more of a shooter fan than maybe xbox fits your need. Also keep in mind if you want a system that plays triple AAA third party games then the switch wont be a good option at the moment

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8 hours ago, Ax200 said:

You can buy a xbox 360 disk insert it in the one and viola you are good to go

...wich starts the Download of the WHOLE GAME....

"Hell is full of good meanings, but Heaven is full of good works"

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To the OP, pick which ever one has the games and features you want.  It comes down to personal preferences and the types of games you yourself are interested in.

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