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Samba USB translator

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Ok we know modern consoles need massive drive for games. They usually only take 3.0 external drives but don't allow NAS connections. 

Is it possible to configure a raspberry pi or arduino to read from a samba server and translate that to read the network drive as usb drive?

This seem like a simple hack to getting NAS storage. 

I don't know of any soft mods. 


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7 minutes ago, Bmoney said:

a raspberry pi or arduino

Samba is a pretty hefty protocol, I'm not aware of any samba-libraries available for microcontrollers. Raspberry Pi Zero can emulate a USB-drive, but then you run into the problem of network-bandwidth between the Pi and the samba-server: the RPi Zero W only has 72Mbps wireless bandwidth! Pi Zero and Zero W are the only Pis that have the requisite USB OTG-support, so you couldn't use any of the more capable models for the project, either.


If you could find some other SBC with USB OTG and either better wireless-capabilities or more USB-ports, then the project would look more doable, but it's a no-go with RPi or Arduino.

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