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Survival information ideas.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm thinking of making a survival tablet for long camping trips. The idea is to present as much useful information to the user that could help them in the wilderness. So far I have a few ideas for basic info to include.



Date and time

Orientation (compass)

Terrain info ()


I need more ideas though, does anyone have anything to add to the list? The tablet will be very rugged and include satellite connection. (Think satellite phone, but delivering text info instead of voices)


Any ideas?

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list of dangerous creatures in the area, plants that could be used for food/fire/medicine.

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Showing a map of where the stars are would be very helpful. 

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I have it. Tons of power. Works for like 3-4 hours of gaming on my big laptop and many many hours on my tablet.


EDIT: Nevermind. I didn't read the full first post. I thought you were going on a wilderness trip or something.

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-Reminders for food/drink.

-Clothing recommendations.

-Like somebody said earlier: dangerous creatures in the area.

-Hydration information and how to acquire water there

-Best sleeping place and bed-style

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Don't die.

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one thing to note is that for fire purposes Lighters (although convenient) do fail, it is smart to always have flint matches, and/or a magnesium flint stick in case

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one thing to note is that for fire purposes Lighters (although convenient) do fail, it is smart to always have flint matches, and/or a magnesium flint stick in case

Lighter application on the tablet.

Jk :P

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You're going to want to slam a lot into that tablet if it's going to be of any insane use. Most people that venture outdoors already know plenty, so having information that may be area-specific or harder to remember will be key.


A few things I would recommend (as an outdoors guy myself) would be:


  • Medical Tips (First Aid Search & Videos)
  • Signaling Information (Communication via whistle and fires may be the last line of defense in a S&R situation)
  • Shelter Building Information (Sometimes people become separated from a camp site or have their equipment damaged)
  • Methods of Water Procurement (This is fairly self explanatory, but a huge cause of death in the wilderness is dehydration)
  • Methods of Food Procurement (Plants are great and easy, but meat is even better. Local wildlife trapping guides would be great)
  • Traversing Information (Not all wilderness is dirt and trees. Water crossings, cliffs, fissures, and such can all pose an obstacle)
  • Camouflage Information (This can be great while hunting or being hunted - not all situations make you want to be seen)
  • Inventory of Kit (Having a program that will inventory your kit is great - you will know what you have and be able to plan well)
  • Climate Survival Information (Alright, the basics are easy - but weather extremes can rear their ugly heads at any time)

My brain's on a slow down, but that's a lot of what may be useful to people that already know the basics of survival (and to those who know nothing at all).


Including written documentation, images, and videos would be ideal. Also - make sure that any planning program is linked directly to battery allocation. Say you'll be out for 4 days and can only bring 2 batteries - make weather updates 2 hours apart instead of 30 minutes, dim the screen, only allow low quality video or images in lieu of video at a specific battery life...


Just some food for thought.

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