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problems with amd ryzen master

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i have a dell prebuilt, inspiron gaming 5675, that has a locked bios (kind of stupid if you ask me, as one of ryzens selling points is the unlocked chips), i have done fine with cpu overclocking with amd ryzen master, but ive been stuck with 2400mhz ram since i got it, i know ryzen master can do memory overclocks but i never messed with it, but after i saw some benchmarks of ryzen using different memory speeds i was like "man, that could help a decent amount" but after i looked at the memory settings on ryzen master i realized they where locked!? all of the memory control settings, and a few other settings where greyed out with "NA" on them, i figure it has something to do with the locked bios but does anyone know a way around this? or am i just SOL here?1386902134_Annotation2018-12-31030215.jpg.35e8e6ddba8345f58dfb96a608abd462.jpg

Annotation 2018-12-31 025602.jpg

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3 minutes ago, Magicpandajuice said:

i have a dell prebuilt, inspiron gaming 5675, that has a locked bios

that probably answers every question relating to not being able to overclock whatever you want to do, especially memory

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