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James Aplin

intels scam

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What the heck is intels playing at i don't know what game their playing it is actually discusting i though their better then this, i was just on Scorptec the Internet computer company where i purchase my products until i descovered this i got the page open, so hear we go hear is intel core i9 7980XE x-series Base 2.60 GHz Turbo 4.20 GHz 18 Core okay, now hear is the new joke from intel okay hear we go intel Core i9 9980XE and it still has 18 cores for 3099 dollar the intel core i9 9980XE should really have 24 cores not 18 cores they must be on drugs.

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It's Intel's design. If they give the CPU 18 cores you'll get 18 cores.

If you want core count, Threadripper is the better option. 

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"Intel's scam:

They didn't release a product I wanted"


That's just bad business, not scamming

I WILL find your ITX build thread, and I WILL recommend the SIlverstone Sugo SG13B


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I've been to Australia. Your pricing is insane, sorry about that. It's actually worse than that, they're virtually the same processor just re-badged. Think GTO vs Commodore.


But next time, take a deep breath, put down your lemon squash and try some punctuation.

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I see no scam here, Intel's sku's have been this way for some time now. Seems (to me at least) your bein a bit salty over and over-expectation or assumption of product.

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