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PSA: Floatplane Account "Potet" Charges Credit Card over $2000 CAD

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi all!


I've stumbled upon a very weird glitch on Floatplane (at least, I hope it's a glitch!). And before anyone asks, yes I've contacted Floatplane support and am still waiting for a reply. :)


I recently saw on Floatplane that there was a 4th creator added called “Potet”. I was curious and decided to view it. Not knowing that there wasn’t any further verification before subscribing, I pressed “purchase” and it automatically subscribed me. Thinking this wasn’t a big deal, I went and cancelled my subscription right away. However, my problem is that my credit card statement now says I have a pending transaction for $2051.84 CAD! 


I’ve attached 3 screenshots. The 1st being my cancelled subscription on floatplane, the 2nd being the invoice for this “Potet” channel in USD, and the 3rd being my Tangerine pending transaction.


Out of curiosity, is everyone else able to see this "Potet" creator, and has anyone else accidentally subscribed to it and got a huge transaction on their credit card!?


Hopefully Luke and the team can get this fixed soon so nobody else has to have a large transaction on their card!






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That should've been in YEN, yet apparently it was charged to you in USD? (1516$ USD to CAD is more or less 2051$)


OH boy.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Yea, I noticed that as well. At first I did the calculation and thought it would only be an accidental $16.36 CAD charge (as of the exchange rate right now), but found it was over $2000! Had a mini heart attack!


I have a feeling nobody should be able to see this "Potet" channel as it's only video was a tutorial on subscribing. Seems like a test account for development?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 hour ago, Slick said:

Tossed you a refund and 6 months of free subscription - big fail on our part. Thanks for being cool about it!

Thanks! Software development is hard, so I understand. :) Have a good holidays!

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