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Silverstone GD09 - almost good but not quite

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After nearly assembling my tv rig in this thing it just has a bunch of small but annoying design quirks... 


I had to flip the power supply upside down (fan pulling inside air) to have enough clearance for the exhaust fan. If they moved the PSU over by 5mm that wouldn't be an issue. 


There is a vent over the pcie slots, but nothing over the cpu area. I bought a 5.5 inch hole saw and 140mm black steel grill to fix that. 


The motherboard standoffs seem to use a nonstandard thread size for their screws you have to use the included screws (just a minor annoyance). 


If the 5.25" drive cage is installed, the intake fan next to it is almost entirely obstructed. Moreover the only included fan is installed in this position rather than the unobstructed spot next to it, behind the cpu area. 


Last quirk is my fault for not checking card width support, but i had an old MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X that fits the case but is so close to the top lid (wide pcb) that I can't plug the power cables in and put the lid panel on. One or the other. Now I'm trying to sell it to buy another 1070 it a FE size pcb. 


Overall i like the concept of this case, and it almost was good, but I won't be buying another. 

HEDT: i9 7960x @ 5.0 gHz, 64GB @ 3200mHz G.Skill Trident-Z CL14 DDR4, 2x Nvidia Titan RTX NVLink SLI, Corsair AX1600i, Samsung 960 Pro 2TB OS/apps, Samsung 850 EVO 4TB media, Asus PG348Q monitor, Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard, Razer Mamba Elite mouse

Mainstream desktop: i9 9900k @ 5.3 gHz, 32GB @ 3200mHz G.Skill Trident-Z CL14 DDR4, Nvidia Titan RTX, Corsair HX1000i, Samsung 960 Pro 1TB, Asus PG279QZ monitor, Asus ROG Claymore keyboard, Speedlink Omnivi Core mouse
Laptop: Razer Blade early 2017 7700hq model, swapped in Samsung 960 Pro 1TB, Intel 8265 Wifi, repasted with Grizzly Kryonaut, thermal pad swap to Fujipoly Extreme XR-m pads

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