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UltraWide Monitor @ 100hz heavy ghosting issues

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Posted · Original PosterOP

hi. Bought the Asus XG35VQ and so far so good but there are 2 things I'm not sure whether they are intentional or misconfigured:

1. Ghosting

2. Refresh Rate (had a 120hz monitor, this 100hz feels like 75hz.)

Perhaps my Nvidia control settings are wrong or I got a misproduced display)


See this Video (ghosting, PUT VID.SPEED @ 0.5 for more realistic real world representation!!😞


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Use this test to check refresh rate.




There is a pull down menu for other tests.

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP
10 hours ago, PopsicleHustler said:

Ghosting is an issue of VA panels, there is nothing you can do to fix it.

Only visible in Windows though. Games don't have these issues (not noticable to me in games)

Anything I could configurate in Nvidia Control Panel to reduce ghosting or is there really nothing I can do at all (o2 can do)










Edited by JDA4Free
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While VA panel types produce the best still image, they do suffer from ghosting with moving images.


Unless the monitor has an 'overdrive' option, there is nothing u can do.


I always say that VA is the lesser of the 3 evils that make up LCD monitors. By that i mean VA is the least worst. BUT you need to make damn sure if ur buyign a VA LCD , that you buy one that has been properly reviewed and had its pixel repsosne tested, u want the fastest VA panel u can find, becousei fu  just grab any random VA panel monitr, even an expensive one, it can turn out to have terrible Pixel response resulting in ghosting like you see here.


The fastest VA panel LCD monitor i have seen tested has around 10.9ms 100% transition time and 2.8ms 80% transition time.

The aim is to have pixel response transitons of 100% be faster than the frame time of the monitor, with as fast as possible 80% transition time.

So 60hz is 16.6ms,

144hz is 6.9ms.


If your 144hz monitor has a slower pixel response than its refresh rate, the pixel cant keep up and you get terrible bluring, reducing the effectivness of having a high refresh monitor. This is why TN panels are the way to go with high refresh monitors, but if u get a 60hz monitor, its a good ideas to go with a VA for superior image quality. or IPS if u can suffer IPS glow.


This whole 'choose 1 of the 3 panel types, each has its positive and negatives' .. is the reason i HATE LCD as a technology, they ALL have a serious flaw in their design, be it slow pixel response, terrible viewing angles, poor black levels, poor contrast, poor color repoduction etc.

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