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Raid 10?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Does anyone have any tips for putting four drives into Raid 10? I have never messed around with putting HDDs into Raid so I was not sure if there is anything I should watch out for.

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Are you using software raid or a hardware card? If you use hardware you should be able to choose which drive is used to mirror which and which is stripping with which. If you run raid 10 with only 2 drives, it will only do raid 1

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30 minutes ago, xentropa said:

raid 10 is pointless.  Do raid 5.  Accomplishes the same thing with 3 drives instead of 4.

Terrible advice.  RAID-5 is slow and far less reliable.


I have 4 drives in a RAID-10 in a 'far' configuration -- they're 150mb/sec drives each, and I'm able to read off of the array at 600mb/sec.  

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