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LTT OnePlus 6T Ad?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So, when I was just scrolling through my recommended on YouTube, I saw an ad from LTT saying "OnePlus 6T Review". I clicked on it since I was just curious as I had never seen an LTT video as an ad before, and it turns out that the so called "Review" was just a sponsored video of OnePlus's under display fingerprint. Now, I don't really know if this was LTT or OnePlus who did this, but I'm a little disappointed in the misleading ad title. The actual video title is fine, but this video certainly wasn't a review and I think that it's wrong to position this video as that.


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That's either OnePlus or Youtube doing it. Actual title doesn't have review in there. The actual video is indeed sponsored. But the way sponsored stuff works, LMG is giving sponsor all the rights to use content for their marketing. This includes using it for ads or show off features in store pages.

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I'm not sure if it's still like this, but anyone can pay for any YouTube video to become an ad, so I could pay YouTube to show to show any LTT video as an ad without them knowing.

So they might not even know about it

It might have changed but thats how it used to be



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I know my comment is really off task, but is it just me or does the fingerprint scanner animation on the 6T look really corny? I really like the placement of the scanner on my OnePlus 6, is there a specific reason why they moved it?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
12 hours ago, germgoatz said:

"Hit and run driver caught in London"

Yeah, no clue why that's in my recommended


16 hours ago, Bouzoo said:

I mean, it literally says Ad below the video. But yes, I do agree. 

I know it says ad, but I think the terms "Review" and "Ad" don't work in the same sentence/title.


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