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Gaming headset

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10 minutes ago, WarriorWolf56 said:

I’m British but I am willing to spend in the area of £150 so about $180

I'd suggest purchasing a pair of Sennheiser HD 559's and an Antlion Mod Mic 4. The mod mic 4 is last gen so it'll run you about $40 USD. The 559's are great open back headphones that go for $99.99 USD. Since they're open back you'll get a wider sound-stage and more immersive experience. 

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2 minutes ago, WarriorWolf56 said:

But is this gaming worthy as I’m looking for something to last a while and sound great 

Yes it is gaming worthy. All it has to do is produce sound, the 559 are quality headphones that do sound great. When you buy gaming headsets, they're priced the way they are because they know consumers will pay ridiculous prices by tacking on the word "gaming". You can bump it up and get an HD 598 which are a bit more expensive at 160 USD on average on ebay. 

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2 minutes ago, WarriorWolf56 said:

Ok and how is the surround sound 

Surround sound can be achieved on any headphone, it's more of a gimmick than anything. There are software, sound cards, settings etc. that all achieve the same effect.

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I can highly recommend Corsairs Void Wireless headphones. Mainly because they are very well built. I have the first generation since a couple of years now, and they still work like a charm. I'm working from home and I use them daily for at least 5 to 8 ours. Compared to the (way more expensive) Razer Man O War, which my wife uses, the built quality is way better, the sound not much different. 
The sound is good (I'm a musician/producer, if that helps) - they are a bit heavy on the bass and high end - just like all the gaming headphones. But you can easily adjust that with the EQ and save it as a preset.
You can get them fairly cheap - especially with all christmas deals coming up. 

So if you want a sturdy gaming headset that sounds good and does the job - take a look at those.

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