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Can I use the top of my casing for air intake?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm making a pc and the casing I chose isn't too open of the fans to intake much air from the front. So I was thinking of putting them at the top as intake fans. Can I do that? Or should I keep it as is.

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why not? but if it doesnt have air filter it will get dusty rather quickly

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The best thing to do is reading the clock speed that doesnt end in a pair of zeros. Software voltage readings are wrong if your motherboard's not a high end model

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2 minutes ago, Symbiode said:

I'm making a pc and the casing I chose isn't too open of the fans to intake much air from the front. So I was thinking of putting them at the top as intake fans. Can I do that? Or should I keep it as is.

Technically you can, but thermal dynamics heavily disagree with this setup.


Use them as exhaust.  Where your intake fails, your heavy exhaust will cause what is called "negative pressure" which will pull air in from every crack in the case.  Depending on the environment you live in, this may mean you will have to clean your PC out every few months from dust bunnies, or not.  I have a negative pressure case sitting in the back of my room that's been running for over 1 year...and all I have had to do was clean the intake screens twice in that timeframe.  Inside the case is immaculate.

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Sure, you can if it makes sense for your cooling config



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What case? What CPU cooler? Do you have these already and have you tested temps? What is rest of fan config like?

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