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Looking for a Raspberry Pi for Shadow.Tech Cloud Gaming @ 4k

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm looking for a stable solution to run 4k cloud gaming through Shadow.Tech.


This article mentions that ASUS's Tinker Board can playback video at 4k. Would this Tinker Board, with stability, work for Shadow gaming 4k @ 60fps? Is there a better solution without purchasing an actual PC?


Here is the board on amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Tinker-Board-Quad-Core-connectivity-Motherboards/dp/B00FS83U42

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No, Asus' site states that it supports 4k up to 30Hz.

*1. The ARM® Quad-Core Mali GPU supports max. resolution of 4K@30hz (up-scaled from 1080P) with H.264/H.265 hardware decoder (update coming soon).


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Does the Shadow tech app work on a Pi?

Also in the vdieo it specifically states that resolution and compression would be based on the hardware encoding so anything Pi related wouldnt get great results I would imagine.


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@lieder1987 Shadow doesn't run on a raspberry Pi. I personally tried to do it and failed.


I purchased a RPi 3B+ and because the Pi only supports H264 decoding in hardware, it cannot run shadow because it uses H265 video decoding. The only way that you could work around this is through software, and you wouldn't get the fps needed and the CPU would also thermal throttle.


I am thinking about using the ASUS Tinker Board because it is like the Pi 3B+ but with H265 video decoding.


Hope this helps.

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