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Cardboard in computer case?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I would want my PC to be special, so I have this idea to create graphic designs on cardboard paper and install it in my case in various parts. What I'm wondering is would it be safe to the airflow inside and would it work well?

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Yes, itll be fine. Its a common myth of those cardboard cases where everyone says "ahh its gonna catch on fire". Shit burns at like 250c or something, unless you have PC parts reaching 250c you wont cause a fire.
As far as the airflow goes, it just depends how its laid out. If youre going to make a bunch of baffles through the entire case like firearm suppressor or something, yeah its going to impact airflow. But consider that another common pc myth, the idea of cables damaging airflow potential, was entirely debunked even in the era of IDE cables, that you wont have a problem with airflow by just slapping up some cardboard around the place.

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>someone replies with a PC partpicker list with a ryzen system

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Should be fine, just to be safe keep them away from fans (might get sucked in and get cut up :() and anything hot (CPU cooler, GPU)

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