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Liquid cooling with vodka?

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Inside some old case I found lying around.


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Pc Specadoodles:

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Memeory-Rams: 4GB DDR4 Viper Patriot 2400

HDD: 1 TB Hitachi Mechanical

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PheadHones: Logitech G430's

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Moose: Steelseries Rival 110

Monitor: 1600x900 21.5 " Gateway monitor.

PSU: 700W ThermalTake Smart RGB

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it will work and really is a terrible idea the alcohol will need parts rated for alcohol so a pump tubing and O rings all need a rating and any gaskets in the system need to be changed also on top of that you have the boiling point of alcohol to deal with since it will boil before the water and pressurize your system if it got hot enough so you could blow out hoses in a extended gaming session.


here is craft computing doing it with whiskey.  


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Somebody should do this with Bacardi 151. I don't think it would be any more or less effective, but it would be hilarious when their custom loop turned into fire.

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24 minutes ago, EggyRepublic said:

How well would it work to just fill up a liquid cooler with vodka? It would be cool to go around and be able to say that your PC runs on Vodka.

If you want to see this happen, go watch the video on YouTube. It's by the channel 'Life of Boris'. 

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