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Does 144 fps matter on a 144hrz monitor?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So ive got a new pc and monitor. The monitor is 144hrz, as the title says. So the question is: Should i run my game on low 1920x1080 on 144 fps, or should i run it on high with 80 fps ? My monitor has freesync and my GPU is the Sapphire Vega 56.

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Depends on what you're playing.  Some games benefit more from higher frame rates.  Free Sync will help with screen tearing when you can't reach your monitors refresh rate.

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1 minute ago, HowToWasteMyTime said:

So ive got a new pc and monitor. The monitor is 144hrz, as the title says. So the question is: Should i run my game on low 1920x1080 on 144 fps, or should i run it on high with 80 fps ? My monitor has freesync and my GPU is the Sapphire Vega 56.

Largely personal preference.

I prefer refresh rate over visuals, some will sacrifice refresh rate for visuals. I don't play a lot of highly competitive games, and find that anything around 100-120 is where I start to struggle to tell the difference as refresh rates rise.

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If you don't care about the quality of the game, then sure, turn the settings down. But I care about it and I would at least turn a few settings up that make a visual difference, while keeping some low to maintain a good frame rate. It also depends on how much of a difference frame rate makes to you. Can you tell the difference between 144hz and 60? I personally don't think I can, but I don't know. But right now, I would rather get an ultrawide monitor that's 60 instead of a 144hz one. I wish I could see more of a difference. I should go to best buy sometime to look at them and make sure that I'm buying the right thing.

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if you play something that actiually benefits from 144Hz, like a shooter, then slam the settings to the floor or untill you reach 144fps. if you are using the Freesync then there is no point in going above that really so id aim for 144fps or slightly bellow for the best experience

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Freesync/gsync is a godsend for this. It allows your framerate to dip well below the refresh rate and really not make the experience suffer. If you don't have freesync, it's best to either run the game above 144fps and sync it or lock the screen to a lower refresh rate when you're playing a game you intend to rum at a lower frame rate. I really don't mind 60Hz, but directly after playing 144Hz it can feel slow, choppy.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Well im playing The Division 2 and Fortnite (no hate, its just a game). On Fortnite im getting like 144-90 fps (depending if im in a fight or not), with my setting on low and the drawdistance on high. Thats on 1080p. I kinda expected more from my Vega 56 

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