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Do install everything i need?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I buy new mini pc, and i install windows 10. Now, i dont sure do i install everything i need for smooth and fast experience.

I wil use my pc for movies, yt, browsing, office,.........

Do i forget something?


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So - install everything, not just selected programs.

Install 7zip and integrate it with Windows except for zip.

Install PotPlayer, GOM Player and Splash as alternative for VLC. More players = better. You'll choose which one works the best and sometimes it can be useful to have more than one video player. (Also - VLC is not the best, even if some people said that - they mostly do not use any alternative)

Install Opera and Firefox as alternative browsers - who knows, maybe your Chrome will be infected by some adware and you'll have alternative. Or somehow some website will not work. Or you'll have problem with Chrome and want to check is it browser problem or website problem.

VC++ has many versions - here you can find links: https://www.itechtics.com/microsoft-visual-c-redistributable-versions-direct-download-links/

Few programs more like Aimp, IrfanView, Audacity, GIMP, will be useful too.

LibreOffice as alternative for opening some documents that OpenOffice can't handle.

Maybe some good filemanager like DirectoryOpus? (it's paid, unfortunatelly)


Basically - install as many programs as you like, they do not slow down your computer (except when they're start with Windows, but you can disable that).

Fast computer usage is when you have many programs that can do everything you may need and open any file you'll get.

If you installing just few programs and limit yourself, your computer experience will be limited and buying good hardware will be waste of money.


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Tnx, you help me a lot. I forget a lot of things. Do i need to install all vc++ versions, and do i need to install directx, flash player, and another things?

And do i need to install Net Framework and which version?

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All C++.

DirectX redist too.

Flash - as you want, but why not.

Net Framework - when needed.


Install everything. It's common myth that too many programs can slow down your computer. No, unless they start with system. And even if some program slow down boot process a little, benefits will be worth it. Fast working on computer after boot is more important than boot itself. If any tool can help you improve your work - use it.


For example - DisplayFusion can slow down boot process but it's useful program (paid). UltraVNC can slow down boot (and for sure slows down shut down process), but if you want to control your computer over internet - it's worth wait few seconds more.


Also - if you have big music library - try MusicBee (but install Aimp as default player for faster start if you want to play single mp3).


At the end, when you'll have everything you need - install Macrium Reflect, made Rescue USB using this program, boot from USB and made image of your system. If something wrong happens, you'll have possibility to restore your system very quick.

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If you mean drivers, Win10 installs all you need. Though if you are using gaming peripherals, I recommend downloading and installing their own software and driver packages.

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On every browser? Opera, Firefox, Waterfox, Chrome, Edge and IE? :) Install all of them and check which one is the best for games.


Also - chipset drivers and gpu drivers should be installed (I do not check your screenshots so it's only suggestion not based on your drive booster; I'm on phone now).

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