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x58 upgrade or new ryzen build

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I was thinking about building a new system for under $800USD. I think the best option for this is a ryzen build. I mainly play racing games at 1080p 60fps.

Here i what i have so far. 

The thing is my current system is an I7 950 in a asus p6t6 and 12gb of ddr3 ram. I can upgrade to a x5675 for cheap and over clock it. 

My gpu is trash. its a hd 5750. I want to upgrade it to an rx 580 or 1070 maybe.


I want a new system but i also don't want to spend the money on a new system.

Will building a new system like this give me much better performance than upgrading my current build?  Because if it doesn't i would rather save the money.

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I think you can downgrade your cpu cooler (likely won't want to OC with that motherboard), and your case, and upgrade your gpu from there. Can also go used to get something even better. If you do that you could probably get a used 1070.

Current Desktop Build | 2200G | RX 580 4GB | 8GB RAM | CTRL | Logitech G Pro Wireless

Laptop | 2018 MBA 256/16GB | MX Master 

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Go with the ryzen build, improved IPC for 1080p gaming and overall a major upgrade. Remember you need atleast 3000mhz ram. Also alot of rumours about 3000 series stuff is coming up, try holding on for a bit

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Just upgrading the graphics card is good enough as an i7 950 won't bottleneck a 1060 or rx 580

 PC: A10 6700, 8gb DDR3 1600mhz, GTX 1050ti, 1TB HDD and Prebuilt motherboard, case, power supply & cooler

Laptop (Asus Vivovook X510UA): i5 8250u 8gb DDR4 2400mhz 256gb SSD

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