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Refurbished New MSI Codex 3 gaming pc stuck in boot loop

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Good day,


I have a problem with my newly bought MSI Codex 3 Gaming Pc. When it arrived, I have plugged everything in and booted it up. At first the PC was running fine but after a few hours it randomly shut down. I tried booting it up but the power button was not responding for a couple of seconds. When finally the power button was working, my PC got stuck in a boot loop. After pressing the power button the fans would start working but then my PC would shut off. I had a look inside my PC and everything seems to be fine, no loose cables or visible damage anywhere. I tried swapping the ram slots, which has helped and I thought that I have solved the problem. However, after one day of working perfectly fine, it started doing the same thing with the boot loop. I have also tried taking off the CPU cooling fan and placing it back on which have helped the PC again for only 1 day. I thought that it might be a faulty power button as it is touch sensor power button, but sometimes it works perfectly fine and boots but sometimes it just gets stuck in a boot loop until I disconnect and then reconnect cables, parts inside the PC. Help me, please...


My PC Specs:

Core i5-7400

8gb Ram

1TB Hard Drive, 128gb SSD

GTX 1060 6gb

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Pull all the parts and test individually in a different system. Unfortunately the only way to see if there's an issue with any one of these components is to do that.

Also, if windows craps out it might have corrupted itself so maybe a wipe and clean install might help.

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Other PCs I own:

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