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8700K vs 9700K

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I'm getting my new build, and now I'm wondering about these two processors, and actually I'm leaning towards the 9700K, something tells me that 33% more physical cores is better than hyperthreading... The setup is supposed to be for gaming, eventually streaming, and video editing...


Got all the parts chosen/bought:

gpu 1080 ti

ram 32gb 3200mhz

mobo maximus X formula


So now I'm wondering, how are the thermals on the 9700K cpu when OC a little? I do plan to delid it (even with that new intel TIM) and have custom water loop, and the 2nd thing is will the mobo listed above be sufficient for the cpu regarding the power input or do I have to go for the new line maximus XI formula?

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4 minutes ago, NoLA said:

I do plan to delid it (even with that new intel TIM) 

Even with the 9700k it is worth it. That solder isnt the best

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