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Is it possible to adapt PCIE 3 x4 to PCIE 2 x 8?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi! I bought an NVMe SSD without looking up a whole lot about it for black friday. Turns out my motherboard has PCIE2 slots, not PCIE 3. I was looking up some data, and I found that PCIE2x8 has the same bandwidth as PCIE3x4. Is there a way to split PCIE3x4 to PCIE2x8 so that I can use an NVMe riser card without losing bandwidth? I tried looking on google, but it only sees "PCIE3 x8" and gives me many pcie threads for GPUs. Thanks!


EDIT: Changed title from 'split' to 'adapt' because 'split' implies a different thing than what I'm doing.

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@jstudrawa look. more pcie LOL 


but for @kirbykirby56i do NOT think this will work, but im not 100% certain. 

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No, bandwidth and lanes are different, the nvme drive uses 4 pcie lanes the bandwidth is the capability of data transfer through those lanes. You can’t split a lane.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

@Docretier I'm not looking for a simple cable- I understand there's probably gonna have to be a PCB involved. What I was wondering is if it's possible to have an intermediate board translate the PCIE2x8 to PCIE3x4, since the bandwidths match up. The board would connect to the computer motherboard on PCIE2x8, then to the PCIE3x4 to NVMe riser card. 

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