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What's the right m.2 SSD for an Acer Swift 1?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey everyone. First post to these forums, and hopefully it's not too dumb. I'm trying to upgrade the storage in an Acer Swift 1 (sf114-32-p2pk). I bought a 128gb m.2 nvme ssd and well I guess I got the wrong one, because it's not showing up in disk management.


I've never used any m.2 storage before and didn't know there were different kinds. I'm guessing I need a "M" keyed drive according to this article, my drive does fit, it just doesn't have a pin for pin match.



The bios is very limited on this thing, so not much I can do there. I have to get it something it will be happy with by default.


Thanks in advanced to anyone who can help my dumba** ?



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You could try flipping it over. I had a friend who's laptop wouldn't boot (OS on the M.2), so I flipped the SSD and it booted first try. Can't guarantee it'll work, but its worth a shot

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Ah, I figured it out. Apparently this laptop only supports SATA through m.2 and not PCIe. I exchanged the PCIe nvme for a SATA interfaced one and it worked (Crucial MX500). The more you know....?

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