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Low fps on a medium/high end build

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I have been randomly having pretty low fps in most games here lately and am wondering if anyone has some suggestions on reasons behind it. After running a bench mark prob 10+ times just to check my hardware I can safely rule out hardware issues. I think it's probably just in the way I have some random settings configured. 


I have:

i7-6700k at stock 4.0mhz 

GTX 1080 founders edition (all on default settings) I messed with a ton of different settings configs with little to no fps changes in games. - Newest drivers

Corsair RM650x 650 watt PSU 

16g of ddr4 ram @ 2200 (Can't remember the exact make and model(but it was kinda cheap))

Gigabyte z170x gaming-GT Motherboard (Newest bios) - all drivers are up to date 

Asus ROG-PG248Q 144htz GSYNC gaming monitor - Someone told me this could be an issue

2 hard drives 

One being and SSD 250gb 

Other being a standard disc drive


All running on windows 10 on the latest update 


Also it helps to mention I stream to twitch and I project to a second pc using NDI from my main gaming pc to my streaming pc. When I'm using NDI I capture at 60 fps. Which may also affect performance I'm assuming since my gaming monitor is a 144htz monitor. But I honestly don't know. 


If anyone has some random thoughts or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. 

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Does the issue occur when your not projecting to your second PC?

|King Of The Lost|
Project Dark: i7 7820x 5.1GHz | X299 Dark | Trident Z 32GB 3200MHz | GTX 1080Ti Hybrid | Corsair 760t | 1TB Samsung 860 Pro | EVGA Supernova G2 850w | H110i GTX
Ryzen Hero: |Dead|
Unholy Rampage: i7 5930k 4.7GHz 4.4 Ring| X99 
Rampage|Ripjaws IV 16GB 2800 CL13| 2x RX 580 Devils | Seasonic Focus Platinum 850w |H100i v2 
Revenge of 775: Pentium 641 | Biostar TPower i45| Crucial Tracer 1066 DDR2 | GTX 580 Classified Ultra | EVGA 650 BQ | Noctua NH D14

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Posted · Original PosterOP
10 minutes ago, KingCry said:

Does the issue occur when your not projecting to your second PC?

Yes, But not as severely. I was wondering that to. People say that NDI is supposed to have little to know impact on performance. But it's basically the same as capturing a 144htz monitor on a 60htz cap card. 

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So whats the usage on everything in the system while in these games?

Main RIg Corsair Air 540, I7 8700k, ASUS ROG Strix Z370-H, G.Skill TridentZ 16GB, EVGA 1080 SC, EVGA 850 GQ, Acer KG251Q 1920x1080@240hz 


Spare RIg Corsair Air 540, I7 4770K, Asus Maximus VI Extreme, G.Skill Ares 32Gb, EVGA 1080 SC, Corsair CX850M, Acer xG270HU 2560x1440@144hz



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4 hours ago, Somef4tkid said:


it's most likely a cpu bottleneck with all those things running on a 6700k on ddr2133 possibly with windows explorer doing random stuff in the background hogging up more cpu.

9900k 1.39v 5.2 83C 185w 1.24v 4.9 60C 135w 1.05v 4.5 90w 50C (doing some testing for hot days) all-2avx cinebench/blender temps. avx voltages in prime. ll D15 ll Z390 taichi ult 1.60 bios fixed LLC voltage gaps ll gskill 2x8gb cl16 ddr4000 bdie 1.42v ll 4x samsung 970 evo 256gb (asus hyper pcie m2 raid card) ll 2x samsung 860 evo 500gb raid 0 (<--i should've went with 1tb nvmemistake of the build) ll EVGA 2080 ti XC (duo fan skinny) 1995//7600 power limited 79C max, stock voltage (really bad ocer) ll Corsair graphite 780T ll EVGA G2 1300w ll Windows 10 Pro ll NEC PA272w (movie, work mon) 2k60 14bit lut ll Predator X27 4k144 hdr (rgb98)

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