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    Silver47 reacted to PrinceNorris in What is principal S-1-15-3-1024-3635283841-2530182609-996808640-1887759898-3848208603-3313616867-983405619-2501854204   
    If you are using Windows 10, then Windows Defender is all you need for home usage.
    If you are using Windows 7, then Windows 10 is all you need.
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    Silver47 got a reaction from rnhbs in 750W for a mid range pc?   
    Depends on the actual model you bought, not all powersupplies are equal. But if its from a reputable brand then most likely yes, it might be overkill
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    Silver47 got a reaction from myselfolli in PC crashing with vertical lines   
    Why not? The symptoms you describe (random crashes, artifacting, etc) are a textbook example for what I would say is either an unstable oc or more likely your card just on its way out.
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    Silver47 got a reaction from bleedblue in 8600k bottleneck at 1070ti SLI   
    Can confirm. My friend always wanted a multi-gpu rig too, so he purchased a second RX 580 Nitro+ but when we tested it with both cards installed, the results were extremely disappointing. Literally no scaling at all in AC Odyssey and BF V... CPU wasn't an issue here since he's got an oc'd Ryzen 7 2700X. He ended up sending the card back after the AMD customer support told him that it was pretty much the game developers fault and that the problem wasn't with his pc.
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    Silver47 got a reaction from TopHatProductions115 in Buying used YT channel with bad past   
    No, most likely not. Shadowbans are relatively permanent and only can be lifted after a comprehensive content review by a YouTube rep and that will only happen if your channel gets enough clicks overall. You will not automatically get unbanned after a certain amount of time, thats not how it works. Not even if you delete all the previously flagged content.
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    Silver47 reacted to fantasia. in I got the wrong motherboard.. Should I return it?   
    oops sorry If I came off wrong. I wanted to say the b450 mortar was a good choice since you said you hadn't looked into it.
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    Silver47 reacted to Crunchy Dragon in (Almost) completed new build - nothing on display   
    You need your graphics card installed.
    Ryzen CPUs have no integrated GPU, so you won't get anything on the screen without a dedicated GPU. The exception lies with the Ryzen 3 2200G and Ryzen 5 2400G, those have integrated GPUs.
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    Silver47 got a reaction from Cigano in Can anyone explain this?!   
    Our mortal minds aren't fit to comprehend Microsofts ways...
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    Silver47 got a reaction from Cigano in Can anyone explain this?!   
    Our mortal minds aren't fit to comprehend Microsofts ways...
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    Silver47 got a reaction from Cigano in Can anyone explain this?!   
    Our mortal minds aren't fit to comprehend Microsofts ways...
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    Silver47 got a reaction from Crosseyed Sniper in Battlefield V (Buy or Pass?)   
    Played multiplayer since day one  and I'm already done with it. Seen everything, done everything, unlocked everything that I care to unlock, consistently getting a top 5 spot on the scoreboard, etc.
    From a technical perspective the multiplayer mode is very broken right now.
    Glitching through or being able to see through walls? Totally happening.
    Getting killed by the physics system while jumping over objects like fences? Absolutely a thing.
    Level geometry like staircases disappearing in front of you or collision not working correctly causing you to fall through the floor? Certainly.
    Vehicles completely spazzing out when driving over rocks or uneven ground? All the time.
    Also besides the technical issues the weapon balance just isn't there yet. Some guns are just laughably over- or underpowered. The air support is just a meme right now. I consistently get 60+ kills in a round whenever I feel like hopping in a bomber and carpet bomb the living daylights out of everything that moves. Especially since most players haven't gotten very good a flying yet so its easy to consistently win dogfights even against attack planes. Seriously, bombers are even more overpowered than helicopters were in BF4.
    What this game also really, really desperately needs is a sniper limit. I've recorded a situation where literally half my team was playing as wanna-be 'leet scout snipers sat down on some distant fuckin hills or rocks at the edges of the map literally doing nothing but causing us to lose the round.
    But is the game good? Certainly. When it works as intended I think it has the potential to be great fun. As for me I think I'm going to give it another go in a month or so. Hopefully by that time DICE has decided to fix it.
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    Silver47 got a reaction from David Anderson in Can I run CS:GO?   
    I dont think its gonna be that bad. Even an old HD 4600 can do way better than that.
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    Silver47 reacted to ElChecho in Mistakes where made - my Dell 3670 build   
    Hello all, l've been a console player since the original nintendo, had a brief stint off pc gaming in the late 90s but mainly a console person. Until recently as the latest gen haven't grabbed me and being inspired by scrapyard wars i decided to go down the pc rabbit hole. As the title sates mistakes where made but it's all about learning.
    First my goal was mainly a gaming machine aimed at 1080p 60fps, and multitasking as in i might have several web pages open, youtube, facebook, a pdf and streaming a radio station. Then decide to play a game on top off that.
    Anyway a friend of a friends dad had bought a dell 3670 desktop, but hated it as he didn't like windows 10 and reckoned it would randomly freeze (hasn't done it to me). Looking at the specs i thought it would be a good base, especially having a separate gpu already i know it had a pcie slot. And i got it for a good price, less than what the cpu and ram would have cost new.
    The specs
    Intel i5 8400 cpu
    Single 8gb ddr4 2666mhz ram
    Nvida Gt1030 gpu
    1tb Toshiba hdd
    Generic 350w psu
    My plan was simple upgrade the psu, swap the 1030 for a 1060, add another 8gb of ram and maybe an ssd. But this pc fought me almost every step.
    CPU/Cooling - Noctua NH-L12S + stock intel fan, Artic 90mm + 2x silent 80mm fans.
    The cpu cooler upgrade went smoothly untill i went to reinstall the motherboard, as the mounts for the factory cooler are embossed in the case. So out came the grinder. Before removing stands at the what am i doing stage.

    After this upgrade on startup i would have to wait for a cpu fan test that it would fail as it didn't recognize the fan. So i bought a noctua cpu fan pin splitter and used the low noise adaptor so the intel is controlled by the mb and the noctua runs at a constant low speed. I then mounted the intel cpu fan onto the case panel with stock vent glued to case and slightly modified. Moved the noctua fan to underneath the cooler creating a push pull set up and fixing the start issue.


    As the case has no fans plus only spots for exhaust fans, front panel is solid. And no fan headers on the m/b I went with 2x 80mm artic silent fans for the exhaust running at full speed of a molex. For intake i mounted a 90mm artic fan on the side panel connected to a speed controller that slots into a pci bracket powered buy a mollex. This might be surprising but it's quite and doesn't exceed 60c under full load on both gpu and cpu.
    PSU - Corsair tx650m (yes overkill but it was on special for the same price as a bronze rated 550w psu)
    Dell being Dell use a 8 pin power plug for the m/b instead of the standard 24pin. This lead to a bit of confusion at first but was lucky there are adaptors available.
    Next was the fan intake on the factory psu was on the front, not the top/bottom like all aftermarket psu, so this ment both the psu and gpu fans faced each other with less than an inch gap. So out came the drill to make a vent in the bottom of the case with some generic plastic end caps with grip mat glued to the bottom now the new feet to allow airflow underneath the case. Also had to make a little extra clearance for the power plug socket, but it's in. Also there's the cable management but will just ignore that, i did try but it's a mess.

    Ram - 8gb adata 2666mhz
    This actually fit and worked fine, was a little uneventful.
    GPU - Gigabyte gtx1060 6gb
    The first problem i had was finding an oc version of this card small enough to fit and having a very small used market where i live ment i had to buy a new card, and this was one of the more expensive cards.
    Once installed and setup it performed poorly, as in doom 2016 would not hold 60fps unless on the lowest settings, medium averaged about 50fps with lows into the 20fps. So basically after a few weeks i found it to be a dell support / diagnosis program limiting the performance, i think because of the extra power draw it would go into a safe mode. Once all dell programs where removed and nvidia drivers reinstalled doom 2016 run on high settings at 60fps and with some tweaking later using the nvida control panel to set maximum performance and v sync to fast i got 60fps on ultra. Until the dell software would start reinstalling itself. There's a hidden in the dell partion on the hard drive. 
    SSD - Intel 760p 256gb 
    This was by far the most frustrating part, as first i couldn't get the pc to recognize the ssd. As i didn't know i needed to format it though the system partion program first. Even the user guide said just plug it in. Anyway next i tried unplugging the hdd so i could do clean install on the ssd then wipe the hdd once working. For whatever reason windows could not create the partions needed to install, tried manually creating them but it just wouldn't work. So i thought I'll copy the hdd to ssd except the dell partion, this wouldn't work either as the hdd is larger size, even though it has less than 256gb. So i manually copied the partions needed, booted up with ssd only, it went into windows repair and reinstalled fresh to the ssd, all working good until i shut down and tried to restart and get a "no bootable device message" plug in the hdd computer starts but has 2 versions of windows to select, even after formating the system partion on the hdd. But on the positive no more dell programs reinstalling them selfs. After a lot of messing around my theory is that as the ssd uses the nvme m.2 slot, the motherboard can only boot through the sata slots. So now the hdd is to boot plus has all my games and the ssd has the os.
    So to summarise even though i saved a few dollar's, the hassle and 3 month's i ended spending to make this work isn't worth it. As i have a very suttle unique pc but with poor upgrade option. Next time I'm just going to spend the money and do more research on getting a good aftermarket motherboard and case to start with next time.
    Cheers for reading, ElChecho
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    Silver47 reacted to Phentos in The Witcher 3 graphical glitches   
    It's normal for a GPU's PCB to become very hot to the touch. The VRMs create large amounts of heat as they work to supply power to the GPU die and memory. That and the obvious heat from the GPU and memory itself.
    Clean reinstall your display driver via DDU and see if the artifacting persists. Test it in Unigine Valley and let it run for a few loops. Do not use Furmark.
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    Silver47 got a reaction from Mello in Need Urgent Help 1080ti   
    The Asus ROG cards are very comparable if not better. Personally I also had a very positive oc experience with Zotac AMP and AMP Extreme cards.
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    Silver47 reacted to Stefan Payne in Good quality 400w psu enough for GTX 1070?   
    Naa, not really...
    because within the same plattform, PSU often use the same heatsink.
    And higher wattage units often come with higher speed fans.
    So assuming that a higher wattage PSU will be quieter is just wrong. 
    You have to look at the unit you want to buy and decide with the data you got. 
    NEVER EVER assume anything!
    Because I know a series where the ~550W PSU is OK, the ~650W thingy rather loud, the ~750W again at the level of the 550W. For whatever reason.
    True but for the PSU you want Quality, not quantity.
    Going from an EVGA B500 to a Bitfenix Formula 450W is an increase in quality, not quantity.
    That is a wrong assumption. 
    In some cases the 400W is the quietest of the series under any circumstance.
    In some cases the 400W is the same as the 500W.
    In some cases the 400W is the same as the 600W 
    But with ~the same Heatsinks and ~the same efficiency, how can one be quieter than the other?? That is only possible if you allow one to get hotter than the other...
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    Silver47 reacted to jonnyGURU in Good quality 400w psu enough for GTX 1070?   
    Did you at least order a decent 650W PSU?
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    Silver47 reacted to Ali18 in Updating older system GPU   
    I decided on the Asus Strix 1080ti OC. Without over clocking the CPU will I have issues? 
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    Silver47 got a reaction from Arcanekitten in Updating older system GPU   
    You're good to go. Maybe oc your 3770k, but this combo will be fine.
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    Silver47 reacted to Crunchy Dragon in GTX 750 ti stormx weird(?) benchmarking results?!   
    Just have to ask, are you sure you got a 750Ti?
    Pull off the heatsink and check the GPU core to make sure it's not a scam card.
    A 750Ti will say GM107 on the core, a scam card will not.
    It makes sense that the single fan card will run a few degrees hotter than the dual fan, due to a small heatsink.
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    Silver47 reacted to Sauron in LOSING MY MIND WITH i7-2600   
    False, sandy bridge "locked" chips allow you to raise the multiplier. K chips simply have a higher limit for it. The 2600 can go up to a 42x multiplier, enough for a decent overclock.
    Definitely don't spend money on a cpu that is only 5% faster.
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    Silver47 reacted to userzero in LOSING MY MIND WITH i7-2600   
    Yeah we've got past that cheers.
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    Silver47 got a reaction from MalfurionStormrage in LOSING MY MIND WITH i7-2600   
    Get a 4770k or 4790k and oc the living daylights out of it. Mine runs at 4.4 Ghz and I havent been in a situation once where I wished for more raw cpu power, since I got it in 2013.
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    Silver47 reacted to GoldenLag in Buying PC for gaming and streaming   
    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant
    CPU: AMD - Ryzen 5 2600 3.4GHz 6-Core Processor  (€165.89 @ Alternate) 
    CPU Cooler: be quiet! - Dark Rock 4 CPU Cooler  (€59.89 @ Aquatuning) 
    Motherboard: ASRock - B450M PRO4 Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard  (€83.89 @ Mindfactory) 
    Memory: G.Skill - Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 Memory  (€145.89 @ Alternate) 
    Storage: Crucial - MX500 250GB 2.5" Solid State Drive  (€59.90 @ Amazon Deutschland) 
    Storage: Western Digital - Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive  (€42.90 @ Caseking) 
    Video Card: Gigabyte - GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB Gaming OC 11G  Video Card  (€604.99 @ Alternate) 
    Power Supply: SeaSonic - FOCUS Plus Gold 750W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply  (€90.89 @ Amazon Deutschland) 
    Total: €1254.24
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2018-09-04 13:33 CEST+0200
    Gaming/streaming build. 
    Also revised build below that sacrifeses some clockspeed for 2 extra cores and 4 threads