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  1. Depends on the game and the resolution/settings used. In some games it definitley will be a bottleneck though. Ryzen 5 1600 performes very poorly in the Far Cry games, AC Odyssey, CS:GO and a couple more which aren't optimized
  2. Nah. That chip is locked to this setting for a reason. Either cooling or power delivery. In most laptops and oem systems power delivery (vrm) is mostly just borderline enough to fullfill the required specs. I would not try my luck with that. Also cooling often is an issue, because its obviously a big difference if your cpu will only run two cores at max boost frequency or all of them. From my experience (several Aspire laptops) Acer tends to underspec the cooling solution. God no. Just peak power. Usually these laptops just run the absolute bare minimum of vrm specs.
  3. Ryzen performs really bad in all Source engine games, since its not optimized. But it should not be this bad, maybe you need a BIOS or driver update. For comparison: Ive got a i7 4770k @ 4.5 Ghz and a GTX 1070. My friend also has a GTX 1070 but paired to a Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.9 Ghz and he usually only gets about 50-60% of the framerate I get in CS:GO, despite having the same gpu and running the same settings. Its not this bad in other games though.
  4. Yeah unfortunately you can't. Acer sucks in that regard. I've got a Aspire V Nitro myself with a i5 4210U which is a severe bottleneck because its locked to its lowest TDP config. Without major BIOS mods you can't do anything about it. Thats why I also built a desktop to play games.
  5. Depends on the actual model you bought, not all powersupplies are equal. But if its from a reputable brand then most likely yes, it might be overkill
  6. These standards are backwards compatible, so the use of a 5e cable should definitley not be an issue. The packet loss is more of a hardware thing and probably caused by your router, switch or network adapter, if its on your end anyways. Could also be a server-sided or infrastructure problem with interferences causing packet loss.
  7. Why not? The symptoms you describe (random crashes, artifacting, etc) are a textbook example for what I would say is either an unstable oc or more likely your card just on its way out.
  8. Just buy that one. Its absolutely amazing, transformed my 1070 FE. Dropped temps by about 20 degrees and the card now holds a 1950+ MHz oc without getting loud.
  9. Can confirm. My friend always wanted a multi-gpu rig too, so he purchased a second RX 580 Nitro+ but when we tested it with both cards installed, the results were extremely disappointing. Literally no scaling at all in AC Odyssey and BF V... CPU wasn't an issue here since he's got an oc'd Ryzen 7 2700X. He ended up sending the card back after the AMD customer support told him that it was pretty much the game developers fault and that the problem wasn't with his pc.
  10. Yes, BF V is utilizes your cpu very, very heavily, but even with the stock cooler your 2600 should not be anywhere near 80 or even 90 degrees. Please make absolutely 100% sure your cpu isn't overclocked in any way, especially not by any dubious "performance enhancement" option or software that might be included in your mainboards BIOS. These are inherently unsafe since they don't really validate their automatic oc settings and can result in your pc running really hot or unstable. Also maybe measure and report back with the voltage your cpu is running under load. AIDA64 would for example be a relatively good way to test general system stability and get a read out of all the parameters.
  11. I'd start with the gpu and oc the hell out of the cpu. But a higher-tier gpu really demands a cpu with more threads to be perfectly honest. 4c/4t really isn't enough anymore these days for most AAA-games.
  12. Once overclocked thats a pretty power hungry system. Is your psu up to the task? I dont know about oc'ing the 9th generation parts, but 1.28v seems like not much for a 5.1 GHz overclock. Is that definitley enough? Why only 4.6 GHz on the cache though? Roman (der8auer) says a general good rule of thumb is +/-300 MHz from your core frequency, no less.
  13. Good config. If you don't want to go with a higher tier gpu in the future the R5 2600 will be a good choice
  14. No, most likely not. Shadowbans are relatively permanent and only can be lifted after a comprehensive content review by a YouTube rep and that will only happen if your channel gets enough clicks overall. You will not automatically get unbanned after a certain amount of time, thats not how it works. Not even if you delete all the previously flagged content.
  15. How's that bad boy holding up? Nearly bought one back in the day but then decided that it wasn't worth it after realizing that I also would have needed to up my psu and change to a bigger case. Kept my 680 instead. But if I get that correctly the actual driver is getting installed? Is your gpu properly detected by the os? Maybe try a different, older version of the driver package for a start. If that doesnt work you could still try safe mode and so on
  16. Alright. Like I said, I didn't know. Never properly looked into B450 after deciding that upgrading to a Ryzen wasn't worth it.
  17. I'd return it. Buildzoid from AHOC did a very comprehensive overview about B350 mainboards and he didn't have to say a lot of positive things about the ones by MSI. I don't know if their B450 boards are any better though.
  18. Our mortal minds aren't fit to comprehend Microsofts ways...
  19. The 4790k isn't that potent anymore, especially since Frostbite really hammers cpus. I constantly see 95% on all threads with my 4770k @ 4.2Ghz while my GTX 1070 rarely ever goes over 80-85% usage. Also why not just let your measuring tool display the load percentage of your gpu? When its below 95-99% in game your cpu is the bottleneck.
  20. Yup, thats going to hold back your RX 480. Not in Fortnite though.
  21. Played multiplayer since day one and I'm already done with it. Seen everything, done everything, unlocked everything that I care to unlock, consistently getting a top 5 spot on the scoreboard, etc. From a technical perspective the multiplayer mode is very broken right now. Glitching through or being able to see through walls? Totally happening. Getting killed by the physics system while jumping over objects like fences? Absolutely a thing. Level geometry like staircases disappearing in front of you or collision not working correctly causing you to fall through the floor? Certainly. Vehicles completely spazzing out when driving over rocks or uneven ground? All the time. Also besides the technical issues the weapon balance just isn't there yet. Some guns are just laughably over- or underpowered. The air support is just a meme right now. I consistently get 60+ kills in a round whenever I feel like hopping in a bomber and carpet bomb the living daylights out of everything that moves. Especially since most players haven't gotten very good a flying yet so its easy to consistently win dogfights even against attack planes. Seriously, bombers are even more overpowered than helicopters were in BF4. What this game also really, really desperately needs is a sniper limit. I've recorded a situation where literally half my team was playing as wanna-be 'leet scout snipers sat down on some distant fuckin hills or rocks at the edges of the map literally doing nothing but causing us to lose the round. But is the game good? Certainly. When it works as intended I think it has the potential to be great fun. As for me I think I'm going to give it another go in a month or so. Hopefully by that time DICE has decided to fix it.
  22. Although I've never been a huge fan of the Abstergo present-day story line, I really liked AC and saw my already high expectations surpassed by AC2 when it came out. Brotherhood also is the first ever video game I remember being really hyped for (after watching that amazing E3 trailer where Ezio and his band of Assassins ambush Cesare Borgias carriage). But by the time Revelations came out I felt that I had seen it all before and AC3 just felt unfinished to me. So I stopped following the series after Black Flag, which I thought could have been an cool Pirates-themed action rpg, if it wasn't for the lackluster "Assassins vs Templar" story which felt completely out of place. And so it also left me kind of cold. Now with Odyssey I wanted to get back into the franchise so I tried it at a friends house. Initially I was struck by how good the game looked and how well it played even on a Playstation, but soon my experience wasn't that positive anymore. Felt like your're constantly a good couple of levels too weak for the area you're supposed to go next, essentially forcing you to stop and grind levels after every other story mission. I'd consider myself somewhat of a DarkSouls/Bloodborne veteran at this point, a games difficulty level doesnt scare me off. But there is a big difference between being hard but fair and being just plain annoying and AC:Odyssey struck me as the latter. After testing it out I gotta say I just hate the concept of a game existing not because a developer had a creative vision about a cool, intriguing story he wanted to tell but because quarterly sales forecasts had to be fulfilled and investors expectations about net profit had to be met. And thats the experience I had with Odyssey. I also hate that Ubisoft possessed the insolence of making a full-price game intentionally grindy to sell their f*cking loot boxes on top. Mind you on top of the at least 60$ base price a player has already shoved down Ubi's greedy throat. And then they implemented Denuvo so you can't even cheat your way around what is essentially a soft-paywall to make the game enjoyable. I mean I don't endorse or approve of cheating in general, but I should be able and allowed to do what ever the f*ck I want in a single-player game that I bought. (As long as I'm not ruining someone elses experience, e.g. Dark Souls) What do you think, am I overthinking this? Should I just buy the game, enjoy what there is to be enjoyed and ignore the obvious milking Ubisoft is doing? Dont get me wrong, I really want to like this game...
  23. Probably an optimisation issue with Ryzen CPUs. A buddy of mine runs a R5 1600x and also gets way less frames than me in many older or less optimized games despite running the same gpu (GTX 1070 each). I run an oc'd 4770k.
  24. I dont think its gonna be that bad. Even an old HD 4600 can do way better than that.
  25. Perfectly normal on Ultra Settings 1440p. Your cpu is probably even slightly bottlenecking the 2080ti, not because its slow, but because the 2080ti has such high performance overhead. Have you already installed the w10 october update? For some people that seems to cause performance issues.