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  1. Dj_DarkKnight

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    OMG This would really be amazing. I can just imagine using it for a movie night or gaming on a huge empty surface. OH pls let me win
  2. Dj_DarkKnight

    TL-WR740N OpenWRT VLAN's problem

    I flashed the proper version of OpenWRT for my TL-WR740N and after following some tutorials online on how to set it up as my homes primary router. I am stuck at VLAN's every time I save and apply my VLAN settings I can't access the router anymore. Can anyone help? I am from Malaysia. My ISP requires a PPPoE to connect to the internet which I am comfortable with. If any one can help me make sense of this tutorials it would much appreciated. http://www.pakitong.com/2015/09/maxis-fibre-internet-openwrt-custom.html <----------------- The tutorial I was refering to
  3. Dj_DarkKnight

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    Username : YATHAVAN101 FAV videos : https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 Shares : https://twitter.com/Yath_C/status/580447264725929984 http://www.facebook.com/C.Yathavan/posts/10202865687843087
  4. Dj_DarkKnight

    DUCKY G2 PRO (Imput needed)

    Hey guys, I am a student in Malaysia and I like gaming. But I don't have a mechanical keyboard yet. So I saved up some money and was thinking of buying one. But, I only have enough money to get the DUCKY G2 PRO and I was wondering if anyone had experience using this keyboards. You can tell me what you think about it down below. I can wait another month and save up a little bit more to get a better keyboard, but I just want to know what you guys think I should do. Thanks in advance. LTT Rules Ps. If there is any Malaysians here that can tell me where is the best place to buy a mechanical keyboard. Will really appreciate it.
  5. Dj_DarkKnight

    Remote Destop in Windows

    Thank You Guys. Linus was right. You guys are the best
  6. Dj_DarkKnight

    Remote Destop in Windows

    Can you connect a win 8 pc to a win 7 pc using remote destop.