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Fastbrony Racer

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  • Birthday 1997-03-16

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    High in the sky, man
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    PC hardware and stuff, MLP ponies, live sound and studio recording, Gaming, linus jokes,
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    I work in a recording studio. Thats all I do lol
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    Watching linus fail videos


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    i7-4710HQ, 2.5ghz tt-3.8ghz
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    HP Envy laptop
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    Intell HD graphics 4600 :c
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    1TB SSHD
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    Not 4k that's for sure
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    like a mac, but worse.
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    EK! oh computer mouse...
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    Beatsaudio :c
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  1. @Slick What would happen if you used a PhysX Card as well? Would It help? All I do is this silly stuff in all the games I play.
  2. #SickLuck_GetBetterMan <3

  3. Excalibur v2, I like the brown switches and It would be way better then the keyboard I have now good luck everyone
  4. You will need an interface that give 48v. I have a blue spark and u87 both mics need 48v. you could go with a USB mic but they don't have the option to plug in my apollo 8p. To make the right chose you need to know what you are going to do with it. I record in studios so i have a u87 and a apollo 8p but id you are a gamer you dont need an xlr mic, go with an good usb mic no need for 48v.
  5. The max your motherboard can have is 16GB and 8GB is really good for most people. why do you want to upgrade? so far I think waiting is a better.
  6. I find that my laptop is to weak and not having enough room on my deck to have a full pc, nor have the money to get one. The Zotac would be small enough for my deck and also small enough to take it with me, I usually have a monitor where I go anyways. hey nick, could you get everyone to sign it plzzzzzz (with linus and luke having a heart <3 lol)
  7. Username: tavi8350 https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy5k gaming Good luck every one. (If picked can you get the whole team to sign it)
  8. IDK I seen this on there site, I don't know if you already know.
  9. I was watching lukes new video and at the end he said "...like and.." and siri went off. go to 12:30 nm lol no one here has a iphone there to smart to get one, run my PC bothers... run before................ *******dead*****
  10. ALL DaT Ram. Sorry had to... but really think 16gb should be good but idk what you do.
  11. Same here. We should try a start a sever for all the people in the form.
  12. How would you feel about having a 4K amoled screen for your pc? I was looking at my note 4 and I thought why cant this be my pc screen. So I'm asking you guys and girls what do you think about this. Would you want one? How well will it work for gaming? can ubisoft keep digging? Love to hear what you people or living things think.
  13. Do you like the Windows 7 start menu or do you like the Windows 10 start thing? :huh: