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    yesman reacted to josephrpalmer in dead motherboard   
    Scan have a phone number on their website (01204 474747) and will also exchange on the spot if you take it into their retail store if it is defective.
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    yesman reacted to Legion in AMD is really falling behind NVIDIA   
    Shadow play? Game DVR
    Shield tablet are AMD competing in the handheld sector now?
    Power Consumption sure. Amd is terrible in this department.
    Physx sure. Amd has no answer
    Does Nvidia have mantle support nope.
    TressFx a useless feature much like Physx (which can be run on a cpu) nope Nvidia doesn't have that either.
    You see OP AMD and Nvidia have different end goals with a lot of similar features and then unique features that no one cares about.
    The only useful proprietary feature Nvidia has is gamestream but its nothing I wasn't replicating before using splashtop or steam streaming.
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    yesman reacted to Interfectorem in AMD hated?   
    The AMD choice is not a bad one at all. You will be able to run games fine.
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    yesman reacted to alby800 in how much?   
    Honestly, I am not sure. Anyway I have to go good night from Australia
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    yesman reacted to alby800 in how much?   
    I would wait until the 8 core actually comes out and then sell/keep the 4790k depending on whether or not you need the more cores, unless you have a useless overclocker and you want to get a new one anyway
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    yesman reacted to TheRoss0411 in how much?   
    Put it in the classified once you have a good price
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    yesman reacted to JAKEBAB in steam activation   
    I think it will download it.
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    yesman reacted to JAKEBAB in steam activation   
    You probably wont get a separate steam key with it u will most likely just put your serial into the steam redemption thing and that will be your steam key it works the same.
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    yesman reacted to JAKEBAB in steam activation   
    Can u just tell us the website name?
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    yesman reacted to colonel_mortis in steam activation   
    You click quote (bottom right of post) and that is replying on this forum.
    As per your original question, according to amazon questions thing, you get a single steam key for everything, and some of the games are also available DRM free on the disk.
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    yesman reacted to ShadowCaptain in steam activation   
    Where are you buying it from
    It should be a steam code but we have no idea what/where you are buying it
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    yesman reacted to JAKEBAB in steam activation   
    Yes it will go into your game library then it will download as long as its a steam key.
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    yesman reacted to ShadowCaptain in steam activation   
    You mean like if you bought the box in a shop (or a random online store) and it has a steam code
    yes you download it off steam, it goes in your steam library exactly the same as if you bought it off steam
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    yesman reacted to Cacao in skyrim xbox save to pc   
    Quote people when you want to reply to them, otherwise they won't get notified
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    yesman reacted to ripanotha2013og in What is the point of the 20th Anniversary Edition Pentium?   
    Well, this one is still a beast, no matter what you say.
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    yesman reacted to harrynowl in cpu underclocking laptop   
    Don't set it to apply on boot until you got stable
    I used XTU on mine as it makes my CPU go to 28W (it's rated for 17W) for the sake of 100MHz on the GPU.
    I now get much better battery life when watching movies and stuff
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    yesman reacted to macpro622776 in windows 8 update 1   
    @yesman: Right click the taskbar -> Properties, then in the Navigation tab, tick "When I sign in or close all applications on a screen, go to the Desktop instead of Start".
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    yesman reacted to Paralectic in vpn   
    His English is perfectly fine for my standards, I do understand what he's asking for.
    Which one are you currently using?
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    yesman reacted to brownninja97 in which psu   
    It would work with a 550w but just to play it safe go for a 600w, if its 80+ bronze at least then you are fine.
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    yesman reacted to UnderADyingSun in which psu   
    You'd be okay with something around 500w, and yea you can't go wrong with corsair It's crazy how expensive pc parts are right now haha, keep an eye out for rebates okay. You can defer to corsairs website to find out what deals are available. Grats on the new PC
    Edit- Pay attention to user reviews, especially with respect to power supplies!
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    yesman reacted to sonarctica in which psu   
    750W Is waaaay overkill for a system like this. Unless he is planning to SLI later on, there is no point.
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    yesman reacted to DudeWazap in haswell or Skylake   
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    yesman reacted to OutlawedConsole in haswell or Skylake   
    You'll be fine with Haswell, but we have no clue on how good skylake will be
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    yesman reacted to AlwaysFSX in haswell or Skylake   
    Just go with Haswell. Haswell didn't improve much on Ivy which didn't improve much on Sandy...
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    yesman reacted to DudeWazap in haswell or Skylake   
    Skylake won't be released till 2015 so I would just go with Haswell. There hasn't been a big performance increase from the last 2 generations to be honest.