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  1. I cant congratulate you guys enough on 1 million subscribers! I think my first video was when linus fixed his dell ultrabook that got soaked in the rain. Right from then I knew I loved this channel. Currently today me and my dad watch you guys practicaly every single day. My favorite series is pc buildings and also I really enjoy the unboxings now that you guys do those more often I cant thank you guys enough for entertaining me picking me up when im down and just everything you guys have done for me heck I even built my first pc with your guys help. I would really like to see you guys review more things outside of pc's that occaisional stuff with nothing to do with pc's is kind of fun to watch. Again, Congrats on 1 million and heres to 1 million more! Also any of these things could help me alot with my own youtube videos! Thanks a ton, Aiden P.S I like Pizza!
  2. LinusTechTips Favorite video: JayzTwoCents Favorite video: I really hope I win! Thanks guys.
  3. I think what I most like about this laptop is the aluminum also all the ports. Although I dont think many people use DVD drives now so I think that feature was kind of pointless.