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  1. Adam

    The Humble Monthly Bundle [OT]

    I've been subscribed for a while now and some of the games they've put on there are really good. This month they have Dark Souls 2 and I've put about 30 hours into it over the last 3 days. July's bundle looks really good aswell. I remember there was a key giveaway thread from ages ago. (Not sure if its still around it was 3 years ago)
  2. Adam

    Wireless Upgrade Vlog

    That was a really good video.
  3. Adam

    ESD/Anti-Static Protection

    You want need one if you are careful. I remember something about touching a case once in a while.
  4. Adam

    Valve Games Apphang

    Yes this happens to all? of valves games in the recent times. So it's not you, and there's nothing really you can do.
  5. Adam

    GTA V delayed(24th March)! Official specs too.

    65 GB would be uncompressed. It would be closer to 40 GB download.
  6. Adam

    potentially low fps cs:go fx-9590

    The problem is not fps with csgo, its the stuttering that is seemingly random, even on very capable machines.
  7. Adam

    4K AMD Build Log

    How was the csgo stuttering? I know i get bad stuttering sometimes in csgo, even if my framerate is 300+.
  8. Adam

    BASH Script Help Please :)

    I know this is completely off topic. But i received a ltt "notification" saying that you mentioned me in a post. huh
  9. Adam

    Holy smokes

    That Reflex game looks really cool.
  10. Adam

    Best racing games for PC

    Try, "Next Car Game", its more of an arcade racer with really nice destruction physics. It in early access, but the devs are putting out a lot of good updates reasonably quickly, (although for a while there they weren't). And as others suggested Project Cars also looks nice. And I mostly use a wired 360 controller when playing any racing games.
  11. Unless the price goes up its definitely not worth it. Until then...
  12. Adam

    RMA Question

    Yea that was my main "concern". But its alright, ill suck it up. At least it gives me a chance to redo my non-attempt at cable management.
  13. Adam

    RMA Question

    Hi all My PSU recently died, and filed for an RMA and the company said to send it back. Which is fine. My question is: Do i need to return everything that it came with. (ie all of the power cords/cables) or just the main box? Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Thanks...
  14. Adam

    What was the first video game you ever played?

    Need for Speed Underground fer dayzzz