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About bear-in-the-air

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    Resident flying lurking bear...
  • Birthday 2000-05-01

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    In the air, obviously.
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    Computers (duh)
    Messing around with things
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    Usual teenager on here with not enough money to fulfill my dreams...
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  • CPU
    Fx 4170 @ 4.7ghz, 1.6v
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte HA-78LMT-USB3 rev3
  • RAM
    16 GBs of HyperX FURY
  • GPU
    R9 290x, Asus matrix platinum edition.
  • Case
    Cardboard, now in revision 2!
  • Storage
    Segate Baracuda 500GB 7200 rpm and 160gb sata desktop, 160gb sata mobile, 1x80gb and 1x 160 gb ide and another 500gb wd sata drive
  • PSU
    EVGA g2 750
  • Display(s)
    Triple 5:4 with: Dell ultra sharp 1707fp (17in 1280x1024), generic 17in 1280x1024 monitor and an older 17in Dell 1280x1024 monitor
  • Cooling
    140mm 6heatpipe single tower (deepcool lucifer V2)
  • Keyboard
    cheap membrane k/b
  • Mouse
    Mionix naos 7000
  • Sound
    creative 2.0 speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 pro 64 bit

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  1. Had some fun today


    adventures of the 2cyl SJ.
    started it up this morning, started fine, but struggled to move under it's own power to get out of the shed. pulled the spark plugs, the 2 in the middle were very sooty so I wiped them a little, shoved them back in, reseated the leads. checked the distributer, it was clean inside. started it back up, let it get to temperature and gave it a partial italian tune up and it's running smoother than it ever was before
    even while it was warm it was idling high, so I'm thinking that the carb needs adjustment. Tried to find the idle screw, found one that affected the amount of throttle/choke at idle, tried to adjust that but it didn't do much. did make it idle lower but only when you pushed the throttle back. It's sticking somewhere and not going all the way to the bottom so when you put your foot down it doesn't get back to fully off and the lower speed idle. So that screw hasn't done much for us.
    Think the carb needs cleaned up and set properly.
    with that much soot I'd imagine that it had lost over half of it's 40 horses, probably better now, but not done yet
    the heater is still bangin' and it worked great towing a trailer full of fencing materials
    all is well
    TL:DR: Running rich, too much soot everywhere, needed italian tune up. Also carb adjustment. Back to 4 cylinders now.
  2. "did" my cable management



    1. Dabombinable


      TBH, unless you close the box cable management really doesn't matter-it may even help prevent dust having a bit of a mess.

    2. bear-in-the-air


      the box lives closed. As referenced by the path of dust, the air flows from the fan on the left, over the drives and out the psu.

  3. RIP discord. I'm bored, entertain me.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Tech_Dreamer


      far away from ground.

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      Can't a bear dream? is sky the only limit?


    4. bear-in-the-air


      you make a good point. 

  4. bear-in-the-air

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    Hey, My parents still use one of those fine!
  5. Mechanical keyboards are the tits.

    Just got a cheap blue clone keyboard and it's pretty great to type on. 




    1. Minibois


      Outemo and Gateron are an awesome thing for the PC gamer/typist/whatever on a budget. You really dont have to go Cherry MX for the full mechanical experience.

      Personally I prefer Gateron's Blue switches over Cherry's, but they are just not as common on boards with RGB LEDs and such/

    2. bear-in-the-air


      this was the cheapest blue switch keyboard with a numpad I could find. That and I was going for the non gamer aesthetic

  6. made a slight gain, ignore my last one 5.08ghz, 1.6925v the most I could get. VRMS can't handle anything more and to get this to begin with I had to add a server 120mm fan at about 4000rpm cooling my VRM
  7. I think I own one of, if not the fastest fx-4170. 5ghz (1.65v)

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    2. bear-in-the-air


      iirc I got 110cb single threaded. Bulldozer was fucking stupid but I'm doing what I can on it because I got the board free.

      Image result for it's something

    3. Dabombinable


      Still amazed that your getting it to 5GHz. Then again it is only 2 modules, and I was able to get my Core 2 Duo E8500 to 4GHz on my Asus P5K VM (recently found the SS from the burn test I did-I'd only just gotten my GXT 970 and picked up the C2D for $5 at a local store). 3 phase VRM with no cooling......which could handle a Xeon X5450 at no higher than 3.2GHz.
      C2D OC Burn test




      BTW, I did not expect to find it in an article-it never came up the last few dozen times I searched google for info.


    4. bear-in-the-air


      oh I could get it so much further than 5g if I had a decent board. As I mentioned due to it being only a quad core it doesn't run all that hot, just my board is shite and iirc doesn't even offically support the 8core chips.

  8. Getting a new chip for my board, going from 4(2) to 6(3) cores so why not push my current chip 1.6525v, max temp of 60c(EDIT: on air), 5ghz. Air cooled. GPU is a 290x but I haven't yet installed drivers so it's not showing up
  9. bear-in-the-air

    Show Yourself [Image]

    I love the hat
  10. bear-in-the-air

    PC causing 2.4g wifi interference.

    I figured out what was causing the issue, it was my cheap usb3 hub
  11. bear-in-the-air

    PC causing 2.4g wifi interference.

    I figured as much. Unfortunately the budget doesn't allow it so I got a usb extention and have moved the wifi adapter away from my pc and it seems to be working
  12. bear-in-the-air

    PC causing 2.4g wifi interference.

  13. bear-in-the-air

    PC causing 2.4g wifi interference.

    Parts: gigabyte GA78-lmt usb3 fx4170 matix plat 290x deepcool lucifer V2 evga g2 750 mishmash of hdds(500gb segate barracuda, 500gb blue, 160gb wd caviar, 160gb hitachi travelstar) cardboard case I will start moving it around soon.
  14. bear-in-the-air

    PC causing 2.4g wifi interference.

    On what? if it's the router then that's not the problem It's as soon as the desktop powers on and it happens with the adapter removed.
  15. bear-in-the-air

    PC causing 2.4g wifi interference.

    A newer tplink and an older once with that really common cheap chipset. Both have the issue. Channels don't make a difference, it's not my wireless adapter causing the issue