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  1. @campy Thank you for your response. I was thinking of either swaping the motherboard to GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3 R2 which is about 50 eur, which is not that bad, since i could fix this junk up, throw it next to the TV as a better xbox when i finally decide to upgrade. Could even throw an extra 40-50 eur to swap it to fx8xxx series Or i could just built a new system. I was looking at sky lake i5, had found a decent mobo+cpu+ram combo using one of the better i5 models. Could source a used 1060, throw in a case and a decent psu, i was looking at 610 EUR, but that was using second hand cpu,mobo,ram and gpu. 415 eur being spent in the used parts. Somehow been putting off all the PC related stuff, since after all the gaming i did in the youth, nowadays i only play games when im on a vacation, but i still need a rig to render things from time to time. Cleaned out the case, CPU runs 53C under 100% load, which doesnt reach the threshold of the weird temperature error, so running fine now. For the moment.
  2. Could that really be messing with the temperature readings and causing this whole ordeal? Gonna try it later, might aswell clean out the case while im at it.
  3. Done that too, i tried every software related thing i could think of, that leaves me with hardware.
  4. Been struggling for a while with the cpu underclocking to 1.4ghz under load. Initially had the problem with stock cooler, so my first thought was - ok, overheating, threw in a good cooler, changed thermopaste, but the problem persisted, so now im thinking - chipset? motherboard? I have fucked around the bios, updated it, left most of the amd turbo crap off. Power plan is set to high performance. AMD overdrive shows Thermal margin -185C after the underclock and 38-40C on idle before the underclock. After it underclocks, the thermal margin of -185C doesnt change even when keeping it idle for extended periods of time, even though the CPU should cool down, the reading says the temp is super high. The temperature reading on the CPU is unreal and simply impossible, the thing would be melting under that temp, but with amd temp readings being as inaccurate as they are - the further away from the optimal temp it is, cpu could be overheating, but looks more like a sensor error. As mentioned before with the thermal margin, the temperatures shown here do the exact same thing, once it reaches a certain threshold, the cpu temp shows 206-207C constantly, no matter how long the PC is left to idle. On idle the cpu temp seems accurate - 32C-35C. Everything dropping down to abysmal speeds just kills the performance, a restart fixes the issue for a while, until i do something cpu intensive, which means this happens when the cpu/system reaches a certain temperature. Cleaning out the case helps, so it could be the chipset overheating? I have ghetto rigged the system fan2 to blow air on the motherboard itself, which helped quite alot, the underclock seemed to stop almost completely, it would kick in only in cpu intensive scenarios, csgo for example. But that doesnt seem to help either now, since i havent cleaned my case in a while, but having to clean the thing every 3 months just to not run into any problems is ridiculous. Im not sure what to do here. Replacing the cpu/motherboard? Sensor going retarded makes the most sense here. I mean, i can see some people saying - Oh yeah, just throw the thing in the garbage can, ohh boy, i want to, but i cant spare the money for a decent intel/ryzen setup. This FX has driven me nuts. Looking into the motherboard, it seems to be quite shit, it has 3+1 phases supporting a max of 95w and its not heatsinked. There are so many things that could be failing here, im just not educated enough to see the real problem here. I mean, swapping out the cpu and seeing if the problem persists, and then the motherboard would be the ideal way, but i dont have spare fx processors lying around, same thing for the motherboard.
  5. Ended buying nexus 5, loved the phone to bits, the camera was ehh. Now using a nexus 5x, fuck nokia - long live the nexus line up
  6. Ive been looking for a new laptop for ages, and I havent been able to decide between these two. I've had Dell laptops before and i love the build quality. I mainly want to use the laptop for all round on the go workstation, gaming, writing down notes, blender, video editing, programming, maybe watch a movie in the bed, couldnt give less of a crap about speakers. I love the sleek design of the lenovo laptop, it looks professional and i absolutely hate the gamer aesthetic with over the top RGB and red accents and weird shapes. I've found a lenovo y530 with Intel® Core™ i5-8300H Processor (8 MB Cache, 2.3 GHz) 8 gb DDR4 - 2666 MHz GeForce GTX 1060 6gb 128gb ssd + 1tb hdd no windows For 1059 EUR And I've found a Dell inspiron 7577 with Intel® Core™ i5-7300Q Processor 8 gb DDR4 - 2400 MHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6gb 256 GB ssd windows 10 1049 EUR I might be able to get either one of these for close to half price with some string pulling, but im wondering about the long term use of these. I want to buy a laptop, and be satisfied with it for a few years atleast. So i would like to know some of the kinks and your experiences with these laptops. What should i pick?
  7. That would be Sata 6gb/s one, or, in other words SATA III
  8. Isnt the right part of the picture essentially a smart scan? Is there a specific program you want me to use? http://www.passmark.com/products/diskcheckup.htm ?
  9. Can someone explain why is the HDD so damned slow? The test varies from 3-7 mb/s The other drives are 50 mb/s and 80 mb/s
  10. im pretty much decied to go for nexus 4 but to be honest i never really liked LG phones, i hope its the case of me just being a nokia fan boy ( untill they started to make stupid smartphones)
  11. Everybody has a diffrent opinion here and its hard to deicide what to buy since im not gonna be buying a new phone for few years
  12. Nexus 7 is a tablet, i need a smartphone that i wont look like a douche when im calling someone
  13. Okay, so the nexus 4 catched my eye, hows the build quality on that, im used to good old nokias that you couldnt break even if you tried to, and the battery life on my old nokia is lovely, i can listen music whole day and i will be on 30%
  14. I just realised how overpriced stuff is at my home country, twice as much as on google store