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  1. From the reviews I've read if you find a dead pixel they definitely replace the panel / swap it out for a not broken unit.
  2. Hey all, so it's time for me to part ways with my budget corsair case I've had since 2013. I simply want something professional looking, perhaps a side panel, noise dampening (I wear noise cancelling headphones so this isn't to high on my list). So far I've liked the Corsair 678C link Trying to also go for a white, blue aesthetic as I have an Alienware AW3420DW Ultrawide monitor. My system isn't too crazy and I don't have a ton of hard drives, or water cooling. Any budget
  3. It means that your motherboard vendor didn't test that memory kit to have no issues with your processor. Don't worry though, just because it's not on that qualified vendor list doesn't mean that your memory, motherboard, and cpu won't ever play nicely together. It simply means that you yourself may need to get stable memory. This isn't to say that this is the solution, but in my light research on the the Kernel 41 error you're experiencing yielded that this is most likely a hardware issue. Also, Kernel generally referencing your operating systems underlying low level code. Low level you say "super teabag", well simply put this is the code, bytecode, and instructions that interact with your hardware directly. TLDR: I suggest you develop a plan to make sure your memory is stable. I'll outline some steps that should aid you. 1) Create a bootable media (USB, CD) whatever you would like of Memtest86+ availible here: Memtest86+ and do your own research on how to run this. I'd run the test when you boot into Memtest86+. If you fail during this test, or you start to get errors which it will indicate to you. Then you've probably found your problem and you can go about a solution Solution A. Get a compable memory kit off of the QVL your motherboard supports. Solution B. Lookup, how to use a program called "DRAM calculator" on youtube. And use the "calculate safe" option when using that program. This will require you to manually set your memory timings and requires some research, but it should give you stable memory. If you choose this option. I'd be happy to outline more steps for you to take as this can get pretty involved and I feel qualified to help you. My reasoning for this is that typically that CPU you have is notorious for having memory support issues and lines up with the Windows logs of it being a hardware issue.
  4. Honestly, I'd not go out to eat and just get the Alienware AW2521HF. If IPS, FPS, and G-Sync are your main criteria. Alienware (dell) seem to have very good quality assurance people working for them. Generally their Panels (sourced from LG) don't have as bad of backlight bleed or issues in general. In my opinion, getting one good thing that suits all your needs and that you keep is better than flip flopping monitors all the time. Because you end buying / selling this at a net loss if you switch monitors all the time. Bonus: this particular panel has a 240hz refresh rate. The bad: it's slightly outside of your budget at $385 (USD); however, I'm sure you could be a shrewd negotiator and get them (dell.com) to price match another website. That way you get good shipping. Happy Hunting! Edit: whoops i'm stupid and didn't notice that LG monitor is a 1440p panel. another edit: LG some killer products that don't like god awful. Going with anything LG would disappoint you IMHO
  5. perhaps checking if the memory is on the QVL?
  6. Not sure, the github page doesn't immediately make a mention of it. Stating "Inspired by the Windows 95 era PowerToys project, this reboot provides power users with ways to squeeze more efficiency out of the Windows 10 shell and customize it for individual workflows."
  7. Hey, this is more of a PSA, but I recently discovered this microsoft supported and open source "Power Tools" they put out there. Check it out here: Github Power Toys Of the features that it adds to windows my favorite feature is. Fancy Zones (for snapping windows to predefined ares) a more advanced windows snap utility.
  8. I felt like this needed a PSA. Everyone should checkout "Windows Power Tools" availible here: power toys. It's on Microsofts Github repository on github. After work i'm really going to play around with Fancy Zones that at a minimum was worth checking out to me. As I just purchased a 34" Ultra Wide Monitor. While I have not looked into it a ton personally. It looks very promising
  9. here goes something CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: EVGA 1660Ti Ultra Black Average FPS: 28.10 Score: 3757
  10. Hey just coming back to this forum after a 6 year hiatus ha. Benchmark: Fire Strike CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 stock GPU: EVGA GTX 1660 Ti XC Ultra GPU Core: 2,135 GPU Memory: 1,900 Score: 15, 794 3DMark Link: http://www.3dmark.com/fs/22444927
  11. TLDR: mid level developer (3 years experience) wants to know path to promotion, but doesn't get a straightforward answer. Advice wanted. So, I've been working for a software company for just barely a year now. I'm a developer there, and we use .NET and MS SQL for our back-end. While the Front End is Angular 8/7. Basically, I wanted to know my path to becoming a "Senior developer", or rather what does a "senior" member look like at our company. Knowledge wise, business wise and other things. Walked into my bosses office, and was like "boss man what does a senior developer look like at X company". His response was more or less "we don't distinguish between developers in terms of senior, junior, and mid level developers". Which seems to me like a sub par answer. If I want to further my career as a developer I'd like to know what it would take to get better. Besides that answer I've enjoyed working at this company. Everyone on my team comes to me for complicated Angular questions. Or anything regarding front end development. 90% of the time I can answer their questions for them. This discourages me from trying hard at the company. I'm considering polishing off my resume and finding another job, but I'd like to hear other thoughts.
  12. Hey all, I'm looking for a group of people to play with for CS:GO. just trying to improve and play without people who are super salty all the time. I'm Gold Nova 1. Here's my steam profile http://steamcommunity.com/id/rarewhite
  13. Hey all, I'm a student and long story short I'm looking into getting a laptop that I can take to class, and take notes on. I'm a computer science major, so in alot of my classes I have to do a lot of coding in java, and c++. I've been looking at the chrome books, or something small and portable that will enable me to take notes during class, and do a bit of light coding on the run. Right now I'm pretty broke, I've got some expenses coming up in April; such as, insurance, and tires on my car, so I can't spend a bunch. Trying to keep it around 200-300 USD. Would it be worth while to get a chrome book or a similarly priced device to take around campus? It's hard to look at the power points that my professors use while trying to take notes. However, I would like to code on the laptop that I get, and a chromebook isn't the greatest for doing so. Our CIS department has desktops set up so that students can SSH into them, and run eclipse through them. I could code on campus while networking into those computers I guess. I could even put a linux distribution onto a chrome book, and install eclipse that way. At home I've got an okay desktop i5 3570k, nvidia gtx 760, 240gb SSD. I'd rather not have to go home everyday just to work on my programming projects. Is there a way to remote into my desktop from a chromebook and run eclipse through there? Thoughts, suggestions, recommendations are welcome
  14. Figured it out . The GUI was provided to me by my professor
  15. Hi again, I've been trying to finish up this java project on break, and I've hit a snag with my GUI. Having trouble trying to get my GUI to display text on my text field. You may need all 4 of my classes in order to get my GUI to properly work I know there's a setText() method in java... Just kinda confused how to use it in this case. I've attached my java files as wordpad docs. If someone can take a look at it It'd be much appreciated. Thanks To my understanding when this a button is pressed, and that buttons name is say east. I'd call the method "myGame.move("East")" which would move the player east. In the game class there's a method I made called "getMessage()" which gets a local String variable that contains current message. I would assume the GUI code would then look something like "results.setText(myGame.getMessage())"; results is the text area where I'm displaying the text. but that's giving me errors *Snipit of my code* private class ButtonListener implements ActionListener{ public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){ // extract the button that was clicked JComponent buttonPressed = (JComponent) e.getSource(); String temp; if (buttonPressed == quitItem){ System.exit(1); }else if (buttonPressed == newItem){ newGame(); }else if (buttonPressed == east){ myGame.move("East"); temp = myGame.getMessage(); results.setText(temp); }else if (buttonPressed == west){ myGame.move("West"); results.setText(myGame.getMessage()); }else if (buttonPressed == north){ myGame.move("North"); results.setText(myGame.getMessage()); }else if (buttonPressed == south){ myGame.move("South"); results.setText(myGame.getMessage()); }else if (buttonPressed == take){ myGame.take(); results.setText(myGame.getMessage()); }else if (buttonPressed == look){ myGame.look(); results.setText(myGame.getMessage()); }else if (buttonPressed == hold){ myGame.show(); results.setText(myGame.getMessage()); }else if (buttonPressed == help){ myGame.help(); results.setText(myGame.getMessage()); }else if (buttonPressed == drop){ String item = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null, "What do you want to drop?"); if (item != null){ myGame.drop(item); } } results.append("\n\n" + myGame.getMessage()); if (myGame.gameOver()){ gameOver(); } } } Item.rtf Room.rtf game.rtf GUI.rtf
  16. @Midnight @madknight3 @Ghost Thanks for all the help. that "isEmpty()" method is awesome I didn't know it existed as part of the arraylist library. I got the errors worked out, and the method works now. Thanks for the help guys!
  17. yeah i've tried that first, and i knew that the first index starts at 0. Such as itemsheld.get(0) will return the first indexed item. i've also tried ItemsHeld.size()=0 in my if statement, but here's the error i keep getting. at java.util.ArrayList.rangeCheckForAdd(ArrayList.java:612) at java.util.ArrayList.add(ArrayList.java:426) at Game.show(Game.java:218) at Game.main(Game.java:269)
  18. Having a bit of trouble with this method that i'm trying to create a method for a project. public void show (){ String result = ""; if(ItemsHeld.get(1)==null){ msg = "The player is not holding anything."; } else{ for(Item objects: ItemsHeld){ result += objects.getName()+ " "; } msg = "You are holding " + result; } } This method is designed to check if there's items in a player inventory. The Item has 3 methods in it's class "getname()" returns the name of the object. getLongdescription() which returns the long descriptions of the item. and getweight() which gets the weight of the object as an integer. The items are stored in an arraylist called "ItemsHeld". At this point in time there's nothing in the arraylist of Items. There's two scenarios that could happen one you can return all the items in the players inventory to at msg. Secondly, the player has no items in his/her inventory and returns 'you don't have any items.' The compiler is giving me an error about a null pointer, saying something about the size of the array list Idk how to check if a players inventory doesn't contain anything without some kind of error popping up.
  19. I keep posting in here for help, but I'm tryin to undertan this, and learn from what you guys/girls have to offer You're really helpful, and thanks for all the help thus far. Here's my question, I've got this class given to me by my professor and he want me to create a mehod that returns a single string that contains all the trees that can be found in the array list. initialize a local variable of the class string. Traverse the entire aray list of tres and or each one o them invoke the ethod toString() rom the class Tree. append the value returned by invoking the method to String to the String result, adding a "\n" at the end. Once the entire array list has been traversed return the String result. /** * * * */import java.util.ArrayList;//imported the java utility containing//methods called add, get, length//gives us the ability to create array lists without//creating a ton of Strings, methods of those strings//then the overcomplication of having values associated with those stringspublic class TreeDB{// instance variables - replace the example below with your own//constructor array list//created a private arraylist <type tree>//the array's name private ArrayList < Tree > db; /** * Constructor for objects of class TreeDB */ public TreeDB() { //new array list invoked they called it "db" // new array list contains a string name, the low value for height //and the db = new ArrayList < Tree > (); Tree t1 = new Tree("Pin Oak", 59, 72); Tree t2 = new Tree("White Pine",50,80); Tree t3 = new Tree("Silver Maple",50,80); Tree t4 = new Tree("Tulip Tree",70,90); Tree t5 = new Tree("River Birch",40,70); db.add(t1); db.add(t2); db.add(t3); db.add(t4); db.add(t5); } /*********************************** * to String method is supposed to return the * name of the tree as a string ********************************/ public String toString(){ String result = ""; //we need somewhere to put our result as a string //for statement must have compatible types o the array //he array I'm tryin to get the names of is db //we must invoke the method toString onto db for(String Tree : toString(db) ){ System.out.println("the name of the trees are: " + tree); } result = this_tree; return result; }
  20. Thanks alot everone! It's really helpful to me when I'm learning how to do the basics in java, and midterms are net week so I'm trying to get everything down and really kill the test. Getting a headstart on my project so that if I don't understand anything I can have lots of time to figure things out. Sorr or no usin code tags I'm a noob here on this part of the forum.
  21. *FACE BRICK* will do sir thank you @fizzlesticks
  22. Help me, trying to get a head start on this project, and I though I was doing this right. I was wrong. Can't even make a simple class called Range. the instruction say make a constructor, 2 getter methods, a range method, and the get average method. My logic is wrong on my range method, but idk why my getter methods aren't passing on the correct parameters. here's my code, also my professor provided me with a testrange program to test to see if my methods were working correctly. /** * Write a description of class Range here. * * @author (your name) * @[member='versions'] (a version number or a date) */public class Range{ // instance variables - replace the example below with your own private int low; private int high; /*************************************** * Constructor for objects of class Range **************************************/ public Range(int plow, int phigh) { //instantiated both plow and phigh as low and high //respectively. plow = low; phigh = high; } /* public void setLow(int plow) { plow = low; } public void getHigh(int phigh){ phigh = high; } */ /************************** * returns the value of Low pased by plow **************************/ public int getLow(){ return low; } /**************************** * returns the value of High passed by phigh * in the constructor ****************************/ public int getHigh(){ return high; } /****************************** * Checks is the valued passed by Plow * and Phigh between the two values. ******************************/ public boolean inRange(int value){ if(low < high){ return true; } if(high > low){ return true; } else{ return false; } } /************************ * method devised to get the average * of the instance variables passed on by pLow * aka pillow (get it?) and pHigh. *************************/ public double getAverage(){ double average = (low + high)*.5; return average; }} TestRange.txt
  23. I prefer blues for typing over browns for sure. wish they were sooooo loud though