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  1. Ausome build ,,, Very nice Work,lookin forward to your next creation
  2. If your only cooling the two 670s a 240 rad is fine,, addind a 140 rad to the loop would be fine if you ever wanted to add the cpu to the loop the 655 is a good pump ,and bitspower makes some nice lookin mod kits for them also
  3. Nice lookin set up:: I dig the look of your PC, very cool
  4. Its good to make sure you have enough desk space ,the base is quiet large
  5. Well I for one will be buying BF4 after thay get all the bugs out of it, and i think we all know that EA bites the big one But I put up with problems,Realy not that many, But I do wish It was on STEAM
  6. I was having the same problem with my 2 X evga 670 superclocked gpus in sli,, the top card always ran about 4 to 8C cooler the the bottom. I did some reserch and It seems that this is the norm,