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  1. Hey guys, I currently have an Asus RT-AC5300 and am looking for something to cover more area, which is mostly outdoors. I currently get maybe 10-15 meters of WiFi range at best and am looking for something that can get me more range, especially when I'm out in the paddock. The back fence is about 320 meters from the house, not that I expect to get that far, but anything is better than what I have.
  2. Hi there, A few months ago I purchased a set of Sennheiser IE80's and was enjoying them quite a bit, untill my brother got a hold of them and broke one of the ear pieces. Now I am looking for a replacement and I can't decide between these 3 IEMs (IE80/SE535/ATH-IM02). I listed to varied music (rock/pop/indy mostly). At the moment I am running some HD558 cans running off an Asus Essence STU, or when I was out and about it was straight from my Note 3. Prior to my IE80's I had a pair of SE315's and comparing the two the 315's where miles behind. Any other oprions available in/shipping to Australia will be considered. SE535 being $439, IE80 being $399 and IM02 being $348 (Australian prices) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey guys, First thing I am after is an easy to use disc image tool so I can create a backup image of my brothers computer. As I only have a Windows 8 key I would like to image the computer with a fresh install instead of installing all the updates then updating to Windows 8.1. Second thing I am after is some kind of program/parental control that I can install on the system to control or monitor the programs installed on the system. As my brother isn't very smart when it comes to installing random junk on his computer and I am getting sick of cleaning it up. They don't have to be free, but preferably with trial. Any help would be welcome. Thanks, Cere21.
  4. It lasted me many years. Since then I have had 3 that all died within 4 months of me opening them. The 2014 clicky switches made me buy a 2nd after the first one died thinking it was just bad luck, but nope. I love the Naga, I just want one that lasts at least 2 years..... Put a real sensor it it ffs D:
  5. I Plasti Dipped my Dom Plat lightbars after seeing you do it. Imo this should be how they come by default.
  6. My favorite part about the Z2 is the camera (app and dedicated button alike). As for dbrand I have used them before and they are amazing. They brought new life to my old Galaxy S2! Keep up the good work.
  7. Why do people even want Sata Express? From my point of view it is faster and less cable clutter to just get 2 SSDs plugged in separately and Raid 0 them (I could be wrong about the cable clutter). It seems like taking a step back from Sata 3.
  8. Because Shadowplay has nothing on DXTory. Yeah it may use less resources, but it has all of 3-4 options. Until they catch up to DXTory I'll never use it.
  9. It's Battlefield 4, and yes it does. I've changed my mind and am going to just go with 2 Dell U2713HM's with the outlook of 3x1 Portrait EyeFinity
  10. Just to clarify what I meant. This is 1080p and this is 1440p. Yes the second image is much clear (sand at the bottom of the screen the easiest to spot here) but you do not get a larger view.
  11. I don't mean mean it in that context. What I mean is that you see the exact same image, just with more pixels.
  12. So Ill start off by saying what I have. A BenQ XL2420TE used as my main for gaming, and a Samsung S27A850T as my secondary. As nice as the BenQ is I have been gaming on the Samsung a bit more recently and am starting to prefer the resolution over the 144Hz (partly because I am playing less Bugfield 4 lately) and that led me to my issue. I was first looking at getting 2 Dell U2713HM's, but then I started entertaining the idea of using a Dell U2913WM as my main gaming monitor and having a U2713HM as my secondary. This is where I am stuck, as I like the looks of 1440p gaming but in reality it is just an oversampled 1080p (I know not exactly, but for gameplay purposes). Where as the U2913WM gives you a better view, closer to an EyeFinity setup but wothout the ugly bezels. So I'm just looking for some advice/suggestion on which route to go, even an alternate set if they are available down here in Australia. For the games I play I kind of slut myself out, but the main games at the moment are DayZ, Eve, Star Citizen (soon™), WoW and Battlefield 4. And one last thing, don't say adjust your FoV please. Because in Battlefield 4/DayZ you are actually putting yourself at a severe disadvantage if you do. Thanks.
  13. Ahh, I see what you mean. It is kind of sad that 1440p is not really getting any improvements, until Asus that is. Considering it is a realistic option unlike 4K.
  14. Decent? The Korean ones are cheap. That is all. Just because they have the same panel as the Apple displays means jack, they have cheap electronics in them. Sitting next to my Samsung S7A850T it doesn't even come close.
  15. Yes, this is a picture of 23" next to a 27" (sourced from overclock.net) http://i.imgur.com/yM2Gqi3.jpg
  16. I would love one of these. And that has nothing to do with G-Sync. People seem to be forgetting that this is a 1440p 120Hz monitor. Which for a good 1440P it is around $500 US (don't even bring Korean ones into this, they are not good quality), then the price isn't that absurd. I would buy this purely for the 1440p 120Hz factor, even if it didn't have G-Sync.
  17. Yeah, the prices down here in Aus.... I doubt many paid the $1000 they were asking.
  18. If you get one that has fairly short knobs. Edit: Scratch that, double checked and the door sits pretty much with the 5.25 bays. The inbuilt one does the job though.
  19. An overclock that isn't guaranteed to work on all chips (most likely won't). But then again that much of an overclock and it still can't beat an Intel =/
  20. You what? He used an annotation to link here. Last time I checked LTT Forums are not on YouTube. Something tells me it was just easier to do it this way.
  21. First off, the Formula has things like water cooling (look at the MVF). Secondly, the OC panel is semi-decent but the price of the board is a let down. Take a look and TTL's review on it, it's not up to scratch. And I love my ROG boards D:
  22. No, the current layout is designed to slow typing down. It was designed to stop fast typist jam on typewriters, then some smart cookie didn't think to change it for the PC. There are a few other keyboard layouts that are much better than QWERTY, Dvorak being the first to come to mind.
  23. Awesome comp! Twitter : https://twitter.com/Verethy/status/340761010224902144 Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/sean.clarke.1800/posts/10151415358207400
  24. S2 is getting a bit old! Twitter - https://twitter.com/Verethy