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  1. Ended up with a MSI Z97S SLI Krait. Thanks!
  2. Soo... any recommendations? I'm looking at the EVGA Z97 FTW, Gigabyte Z97X-SLI, and Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 5. How do motherboards compare when overclocking? Will all of them be about equal? The heatsinks look beefier on the Gaming 5 and EVGA board, but does that actually mean anything?
  3. I realize that, I mean I don't want 10 programs which I have no clue what they do. I want a fan utility, with the rest being unintrusive if possible.
  4. Hey guys, I will probably be grabbing an Intel i7 4790k in the near future and I need a motherboard recommendation for it. Mainly I am looking for: - good overclocking - CrossFire/SLI support (in case I do it in the future) - not confusing software!! from videos it looks like MSI's software is very confusing as to what each program does, AI Suite looks like the best in this regard - black and red colour scheme - not a big deal, but one legacy PCI for my Xonar DG would be nice Also if anyone happens to know: I have a Corsair H70 cooler which came with LGA 1155 mounting brackets, but no 1150. Will it fit on 1150? Thanks in advance!
  5. losinator501

    One Plus One invites

    Still got any?
  6. losinator501


    Favourite thing is definitely the build quality! Thanks for doing this Linus and HTC!
  7. losinator501

    DogeCoin - All you need to know

    I am doing as such at the moment. Will mine more afterwards though, it won't hurt.
  8. losinator501

    DogeCoin - All you need to know

    Yeah, just started as well. Been mining for about 5 hours, got me 4k dogecoin, which i calculated to be about $5.50. Anyone know how/when we should sell?
  9. losinator501


    Is this still worth doing? Running a 7950
  10. I've watched all the Computex videos, too bad we didn't get too many views, but amazing that WD is still honoring it!
  11. It's not the components that make a build good or bad, it's the asthetics, practicality, and original touches :D
  12. I just ordered one with this: http://www.wallsave.com/wallpapers/1920x1200/carbon-fiber/844177/carbon-fiber-by-844177.jpg Just a simple design. Was going to try to cheat the system and get another with my YouTube channel's logo on it, but it didn't let me :(
  13. losinator501

    looking for new in-ears

    So my sennheiser cx300s broke last night, and I'm looking for something to replace them. Going to be using them a lot in public, so they must look good. Braided cable is preferred. For sound, a perfectly flat sound is good as I can just eq it. I mostly listen to edm. Price range should be under $100. Thanks
  14. losinator501

    siberia v2

    They sound quite bad compared to a proper headphone such as the SR-850 (which btw is half the price) but are REALLY comfortable. Don't even bother with it's mic, its quiet and sounds mediocre. Compared to other gaming headsets however, they sound really good.
  15. losinator501

    Headphones for around $60?!?!

    I would definitely go for some Samson SR-850. I'm using them right now, they're absolutely phenomenal for the price ($40). Sound sooo good, it's crazy.