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  1. my system config: CPU: Intel Q9550 @2.83Ghz RAM: 8GB DDR2 GFX: GigaByte GTX970 G1 OS: Windows 7 x64 with nVidia 364.96 BETA driver set Lubuntu 16.04 x64 with nVidia 364.19 STABLE driver set (released yesterday) Resoution: 1080p Phoronix did some preliminary benchmarks around Talos' Vulkan API implementation, you can read about it here: thing is, I didn't find the same results - I wasn't able to replicate Phoronix's results benchmark details as follows: and in simple graphic variant, average FPS: why the discrepancy in my results and Phoronix's ?! I sincerely do not know possibly the drivers? I kinda' doubt that since the Linux drivers I have installed are a newer build to what Phoronix used - I tried installing the same BETA set Phoronix used but both Ubuntu and Lubuntu would blackscreen after reboot the biggest difference is that my tests were conducted in 1080p, while Phoronix did theirs at UHD as the test shows, Vulkan Implementation in Linux is 4.2 avg FPS faster than OpenGL Windows and 11.7 avg FPS faster than OpenGL Linux, but 19.9 avg FPS slower than Vulkan in Windows; also neither reach the performance of DirectX 11 also to note, the performance gap between Vulkan Windows' and Linux implementation is quite substantial when compared to that of OpenGL - guess nVidia still have work to do; but Vulkan, overall, performs better than OpenGL
  2. sources: https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-1061546-postdays-0-postorder-asc-start-0.html https://community.amd.com/message/2796982 people that do heavy compiling under GCC have found that Ryzen is spewing up segmentation faults so far, people that compile LLVM / CLANG haven't reported this issue what is a segmentation fault? it a segmentation fault happens when a program tries to write or read to/from an "illegal" memory location; and what I mean by illegal memory location is when the program tries to read/write to/from a non-existent element to put in common term for all people to understand - it's like reading from a book that has white pages from time to time and the story doesn't make any sense so far AMD doesn't know what's causing it - thus, no solution yet
  3. source: https://www.bungie.net/en/Help/Article/46101 via: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-08-04-destiny-2-blocks-some-popular-game-capture-programs-and-discord-overlays some people say that this is for preventing people from running cheats and whatnot - while I don't believe this to their primary goal, it's understandable what I believe their primary goal is to force people into buying the game rather than spectate it on Twitch&Co
  4. source: https://svnweb.freebsd.org/base?view=revision&revision=321899 4 days ago the developers of FreeBSD have issued a report for a new issue they encountered with Ryzen CPUs: the issue described has been observed on FreeBSD systems with SMT disabled --- remember when me and others told "you" to stay away from Zen CPUs for at least 1/2 y? this is precisely why - AMD is dealing with new arch that is bound to have HW issues and some of them cannot be fixed with a micro-code update on top of the segmentation fault, we now have this ... if this turns into a recall, AMD will be severely hit and not only financially
  5. zMeul

    A mysterious problem (screen blackouts)

    you can check the event viewer to be absolutely sure it's not a TDR event one other thing you could do is to use TDR Manipulator to disable TDRs completely and see how the system behaves https://www.wagnardsoft.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=755&sid=c5c9b005d50ad2f18b819597eaf73de9
  6. I find your post funny because you actually say the source, the developers who discovered and reported the issue, are wrong - if that was supposed to be a joke, it's quite funny if it's not a joke ... well then, go in peace
  7. do you buy your computers at the grocery store? good luck to you if you do
  8. sure mate, CPU manufacturers can develop new products in 1-2 months .... what parallel dimension are you from? oh look, Skylake-X and KabyLake-X were talked about since at least 2016 .. https://benchlife.info/intel-study-skylake-x-kaby-lake-x-and-basin-falls-for-skylake-w-06022016/
  9. have you actually bothered to read the source? I'm done replying to this BS
  10. if putting other people's money into a defective platform is a thing for you, go ahead I worked in the business for some time and I would not shove down a customer's throat a brand new uncertified product
  11. no they aren't I'm removing the phoronix link since it seems to create confusion - I only linked it in the 1st place to give them credit for the BSD discovery
  12. good god! I should not included the phoronix link since you people can't get it straight Phoronix was not the original discoverer of the seg fault issue - it was discovered back in May by people compiling the Linux Kernel with GCC
  13. wait a second or two the original seg fault is a different issue that what the BSD team discovered and the original seg fault issue is independent of SMT being disabled or not! new BIOSes have introduced a new option: OPcache control but even with disabling OPcache it still seems to occur: https://community.amd.com/thread/215773 the original seg fault was not discovered running Phoronix's test suite but compiling Linux kernel with GCC please get your ducks in a row
  14. it was discovered with EPYC and ThreadRipper
  15. you deny these issues exists? no one has to listen to anything I "say", look at the sources I provide the segmentation fault is 3 months old and AMD has yet to deal with it in one way or another while at the same time they push server and workstation grade products that seem to be affected by the same issues the original desktop parts are - businesses will be thrilled that their new stations have unresolved HW issues
  16. good job AMD for fixing your shit /s Epyc CPUs confirmed to suffer from seg faults: as far as I know ThreadRipper uses Epyc cores, so .. TR seg faults too --- from what I'm seeing, seems like AMD won't be fixing this via a microcode update and will need a HW stepping recall!??!
  17. zMeul

    A mysterious problem (screen blackouts)

    it's a TDR event - Windows is resetting the video drivers and since you said the previous PSU died ... new PSU is fucked that old PSU also fucked something else, probably mobo
  18. 120Hz at 1440p? GTX1080 at least
  19. zMeul

    Peltier Coolers

    someone made a commercial product - it's as bad as expected
  20. zMeul

    Extra standoffs installed

    if it's not under the board it won't be a problem but if it's under the board and makes contact where it shouldn't, there will be problems .. grave ones
  21. why not cleaning it mounted?!
  22. zMeul

    PCIE Slot?

    mate, again ... his bottom slot is a 4x gen 2 that equals a 2x gen 3 for god's sake
  23. zMeul

    PCIE Slot?

    mate, wtf are you talking about?! 4x gen 3 is about 4GB/s in each direction that equals a 8x gen 2 that's also 4GB/s each direction while a 16x gen 2 is 8GB/s in each direction get your facts straight
  24. zMeul

    PCIE Slot?

    yeah really you fail to take into account that the 4x PCie gen 2 is about as a 2x gen 3; while your graphs only go 8x gen 2 @AuraDesru you should keep it in the top slot but you can also test the differences for yourself