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  1. Doobeedoo

    1440p 144z 24inch or 27inch???

    I guess maybe 27" for you. I'd like such a display as IP 24" for my self though. Sitting arm distance.
  2. I mean fitting or not, whatever. We know approximate timeframe anyway. Computex will come too. I just wonder how Navi is built be it sCaLaBlE and all, targeting mid-range first and it's architecture improvement over Vega so what is it's full chip supposed to be. Like later on release, last of GCN if they manage to pass it's limit with more CUs or something.
  3. Don't even have it, but sketchy. I also puts me "invisible" instead online when I log yet I didn't put it so.
  4. Doobeedoo

    Do I need 144hz?

    For your situation nah the ultra wide would suite better.
  5. Doobeedoo

    Activision-Blizzard Fires 800 staff to cut costs

    They're laying off non dev people and are hiring more for dev teams to increase which that is good though. https://www.wowhead.com/news=290236/activision-blizzard-quarter-4-2018-earnings-report-8-of-employees-laid-off-in-ye
  6. I was invited to closed beta too. But yeah also issue with many games thatare online focused getting released around same time frame.
  7. I'd rather not have front camera but a proper display.
  8. lol. Rushing definitely is great and frantic at hot zones. The pubg also gained popularity due to streamers. You can ping system, voice lol don't even need it. Quit trolling man and go play, practice
  9. You can move faster than Bolt at times though xD. Oh yeah in QC you can move faster than a rocket with boosts XD
  10. Yeah OW feels much more like moba in fps form with how much characters differ and abilities. Abilities are quite strong or should I say ults can be OP as teams spam abilities to get ults to engage with them and all that. In OW hitboxes are very large too, some characters are smaller even less HP but still have hitbox larger than you'd think. Also there are only few aim/snipe like hotscan characters. Movement wise, OW to me is quite slow though, Apex and such is faster, though I'm used to playing Quake Champions where you're numerous times faster all the time though.
  11. I mean any noob that knows OW only as their first fps game will say anything with abilities is OW clone, which is such a joke. And in OW you move even slower. In CS:GO you need to know how each weapon works too. As for fortnite I don't like the game in general, though building thing added a layer of something to learn and to know how to counter, but that's about it. It's also a third person game. As for Apex though, I don't even think some shit on it due to personal preference only but even due to it works completely different and they're not used to it. Or don't care to learn maybe.
  12. How can it be broken, when you are can be the same as him? It's not like enemy has ton of armor and you have none, like some class system. You also need to aim for headshots for increased damage. There isn't a single game where it takes more than few bullets to kill an enemy with good gear? Arena shooters maybe. Crysis 3 with armor suite had similar feel. There are others too. You can move at the same speed as others, everyone have same weapon choices and armor. Just few bullets on someone you saw passing by and killing them would be terrible, no skill in that. So you don't like putting effort into killing a player? But more random few bullets for a kill? Snipers are worth are certain time, like I said 1shotting would be terrible for this game with snipers. They can do fuck ton of damage, you need to aim well and for the head. I literally 1shot people with a well placed shot. Obviously moving target is harder to hit, that's the point. Also, bullet drop and travel time. You're not playing CoD dude. The armor in those military games works completely different. But those games play completely differently too. What do you mean it's not rewarding, at some points your only way to deal damage will be a sniper for your team. Apex has bullet drop and travel and all that and is not arcade like like CoD for example that's why. If you flank people and catch them off guard and can't kill, chase if it's a good idea, depends how much damage you inflicted, are other enemies around. Depends what weapon you had. I killed entire squad few times, once with shotgun, once with HMG weapon. At times you need to know when to engage, when to bait, when to be aggressive. I mean what can I tell you. Practice more if you will, I can see your lack of experience in fps games, it shows. Maybe you don't have patience and want instant gratifications kills with few bullets. Lower your sensitivity to try to aim better.
  13. Looking enemy at distance looks like they jump all over the place? That must be network related though, if they skip forward like micro teleports and such. But yeah people are a faster so you definitely need to cope with that. You need to work for the kill too if enemy is heavily stacked. In pubg the map layout is way simpler though, to add everyone move slow and are in third person. Too much walking and hiding, not enough action. In Apex it's constant momentum. Map is not way to small in Apex there are 60 players for it. I really don't see why you think it's not designed well it was praised by everyone too, fights happen way more often than in pubg and flanking you can definitely do more. Maybe you played with noob randoms that play solo and not as team. I've flanked many houses couple of times at just one fight, even some smaller areas we were circling around and fighting chipping enemy slowly. Weapons are mostly fine, they're precise more than enough as stock, you can gather many attachments. Stacked players will be tanky yes it's for a reason, not just mouseovering someone and the person dies which is just lame. Though it seems to be you lack in aim, because I don't miss nearly as much and if you look even good streamers you will see they play fine. You can unload a full mag into someone and if they're stacked well of course it won't kill them. It's not made easy like I said. Why would they reduce movement speed?! No it works great. Shotguns are already the strongest close combat dude. Snipers depends on distance, scope and all, there's a bullet drop too. You need to compensate. It's not like in CS:GO so. That would be way to OP on BR game, everyone would just snipe easily. It seems you mainly played slow games like pubg and such so far so this feels off to you. Network issues aside. I've tried all BR games and this is the only one I can see my self playing with friends actively. Everything how currently is in the game is for a reason though.
  14. Oof that sucks, hopefully the fix that soon with more mature driver too. Maybe a rushed repurposed instinct card to show something new indeed. EDIT: https://www.hardocp.com/news/2019/02/11/amd_releases_bios_for_radeon_vii_uefi_gop
  15. Game is currently at like 25M players with 2M concurrent which is an insane growth with game just entering 2. week.