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  1. Well, we know flagship will have at leat 16GB though. That's about it so far we have to wait for reveal soon
  2. Yeah, you definitely want lower. The marketing number doesn't show real world how it works though. Reviews are there. Those are average grey-to-grey numbers advertised. Or those very low 1ms and lower is with use of overdrive or black frame insertion. But even the fastest monitors still struggle to output their max refresh rate and in reality are nowhere near advertisedsed number. But faster panel with lower response time helps with noting blur. Check reviews for individual monitors.
  3. Overall not bad, looks solid. Still waiting for complete settings unification and some improvements for fewer clicks to get to options and all. Neat for Start for more color absent accent. Also good for dark search, though still Task Manager and Properties window needs it.
  4. Hmm I guess depends from person to person too for sure. Yeah I knew you were talking about the subject you don't know in advance. Those essay like stuff. Also that number of words too. Then again, I for the most part refused to do draft then re-write stuff ugh. I'd try to form most of it in my head and then maybe some part on side, then just burst write everything down haha. For some tests I didn't do anything for like half an hour, thinking, then just writing it up without stop. Though I have to admit I write very fast, much faster than 13 words per minute by hand xD. Yet it's funny some tests I'd do among last some, actually first. Yeah on PC it would be totally different.
  5. Yeah the LCD/LED is like DPI/CPI thing. Could be confusing and used interchangeably or even wrongly and by marketing. So as first mod said really. We still call todays monitors LCD since they are. They're just using better type of backlight but they're LCD none the less. For OLED that's completely different tech yes.
  6. No point going higher than 1080p if you need to sacrifice graphics settings quality or framerate a lot.
  7. Well you'd want to be able to maintain the fps of your monitor refresh rate to use V-sync and not have dips, or stutters. Really you'd want to use adaptive sync though. I can't stand V-sync especially in a shooter, I never enable it.
  8. The drive caches most frequently used files of programs and OS like for boot and startup and those you use often like web browser.
  9. It shouldn't really, that's odd that two of your mice do so. I don't have that pad to test.
  10. Glass. Longevity wise for sure. Depends on what you want, decent cloth pad maybe or a hwrd surface which lasts longer.
  11. So if you don't want TN there is Samsung Odyssey which is VA panel. There will be IPS ones eventually.
  12. Expected price though. Kinda lame games. I like Demon Souls but PC it is.