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  1. Well good for more integrated and efficient 5G modem.
  2. Just use what you like on desktop and adjust in game sensitivity accordingly for aim.
  3. Some games have it in their video settings. You can use like triple buffering, also Afterburner and RTSS and set per game profile. Really I had no issues with any game regardless how old it is that I'd have to change refresh rates. Can always mess with frame caps and such.
  4. You need to see it before judgement, it's not a gimmick mate. Most games run fine on like 144fps nothing breaks. No good game should have framerate tied to animation and stuff so that engine breaks. How would 144 make games unplayable? You can switch 144Hz monitor to 60Hz though, but why would you do that, can also cap the framerate for certain games, that break.
  5. Depends what you play and what you care for and how sensitive you are. 60 is just so low for me, phones, tablets, TVs, VR, everything is more these days. There are good 1440p 144Hz monitors. Really anyone buying new monitor now shouldn't get 60hz one though, no point, prices are so good these days for higher refresh rate. 60fps locked games? Maybe bad ports like DS mentioned I mean there are fixes and all but that was meh port and old by now anyway. As for many games not really, there are some outliers unfortunately since devs are lazy as hell but many work fine much higher.
  6. It does. But oh wow 60Hz and locked to 60 though... I mean for offline games yeah whatever, but for online fps dear god no. On say 60Hz having like 120fps will feel way better.
  7. Frametimes are very important, say you can have 144fps capped with irregular frametimes and game will not feel smooth and even worse your aim will suffer, tracking will be horrible. I play a lot of online shooter games and you can notice every irregularity. You also definitely want high framerate but not really jumping between say 120-300 for example. Also depends on a game, in some games in-game fps cap works different.
  8. Nah, an Acer IPS one. Got more monitors, and I sit arm distance from.
  9. No. Wouldn't necessarily say you'd need for 24"1440p even, at least I can see fine.
  10. Cool monitor. Nice to see 1440p getting 240Hz options. It's a TN also VA ones showing up and even IPS so yeah awesome. Now to see which one can have least amount of motion blur and input lag.
  11. Yeah not too surprising really. They've strengthened their brand and prices are great. It's also true that people tend to pair Intel and Nvidia or just full AMD more. Build a solid amount of PCs also pre builds tend to be like such too.