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    adnartion reacted to MrIceCremeLollipop in Wired with Wireless   
    Use your PC as a hotspot, on the wifi settings.
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    adnartion reacted to DyGr00339 in Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?   
    I dropped a magnet on my harddrive
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    adnartion reacted to Faroeseviking in want to know if it can be done   
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    adnartion got a reaction from MG2R in 3 screens but my main flickers...   
    wow. it was that simple x) thank you NRG! it actually worked setting it to prefer maximum performance :D
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    adnartion reacted to Masfiras in what more can i do to make it look nice?   
    This is a pretty amazing rig, excellent performance and awesome looks.
    The only thing you need to upgrade is the monitors, That XL2411T  is one of the best out there, just buy 2 more of those so you can do 3D Vision Surround @ 144Hz or 120Hz.
    And another thing that you should do is custom water cooling, man that rig would look amazing with green tubes and LEDs