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  1. I liked the new IPS panel inclusion, also the battery life seems to be fine thanks to the big battery, dbrand has some awesome skins, i liked a lot the one from the video, awesome quality and detail. Nice
  2. I liked the balance between components. The processor and GPU may not be the most gaming performance oriented ones, but the build quality, the cooling and the screen makes this notebook a worthwhile contender versus some 'Gaming oriented' notebooks out there in the market that may have apparently good specs but fails at putting it all together on a resistant well designed case. Kudos for Asus and Linus Media for bringing this good giveaways and breaking world records on gaming stuff. David Cantu
  3. I love the back-plate's material and the user replaceable battery!! those are some very important features that gives a smartphone more longevity, the screen is good, but at 5.5'' is hard to notice the difference, the camera is also very nice, that laser focus technology it uses is very innovative. I think it's an excellent phone, as a developer it would be great to have one, and make apps that take advantage of all those features. Greetings from Mexico , good luck to y'all