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  1. Alright, I have a bit of a situation. I got a stack of $15 gift cards (American Express debit kinda thing) totaling $90. I tried to use them to get a bunch of $15 Amazon gift cards, but that didn't work because amazon temporarily charges $1 to check if it's legit (so trying to buy $15 with $14 got it declined) My aunt who gave them to me mentioned they might start charging interest once I try to spend them, so I want to buy something from the nearby Fry's in the next week. I need some ideas of what to buy. I've got the peripherals I want, my cables are managed, and I have a new monitor coming in soon. I'm in a dorm, so nothing crazy please. tl;dr I have $90 I need to spend in a store pretty quickly and I can't think of anything I need/want, please help. Thanks, friends :^)
  2. Hey, thanks man. I'll check those out Do you know (or can recommend a reliable source I can check) how they compare to my M50s?
  3. I do quite a bit of gaming and the music I listen to is typically more "chill" rather than upbeat with heavy bass. I'm not really familiar with what other headphones sound like so I couldn't say what I especially like about the M50 sound, sorry. I guess something I can say is I used to be really into the upbeat, bass-heavy music and have changed my preferences with no less enjoyment listening through these headphones.
  4. I've had the ATH-M50 headphones plugged into a Fiio E5 for years and (after some comfort modifications) had basically no complaints. It sounds about as good as I care about and I like the cable length (I have the coiled cable). It's getting a bit old and I fear the cushioning on the headband might fall apart in the next couple of years (much of the material covering it has already fallen off) Since I don't really know much about high end audio, I figured I should go ahead and start looking at what else is available and get myself educated. I won't be spending more than $200. What recommendation would you give and why? What should I be looking for? Also, are the headphones that show up on Massdrop worth looking into (how do they compare to the ATH-M50) Thanks :^)
  5. I saw the Tesoro Gram Spectrum and thought it looked great in white. I liked the way the light spread out around each key (I think the transparency in the switches helps with that) I don't really like some of the keycaps though, like the Q and the N. Could I replace all of them with regular keycaps from my old keyboard? Would they interrupt the lighting? Are there any other keyboards with a similar look that I could try instead? Thanks in advance!
  6. My friend and I play a lot of league, but we are students who don't really have time for that on weekdays (our parents aren't fans of it either). Sooo, we were wondering if there is an MMO that we can afk. We don't necessarily mean botting (open to it tho if it doesn't mess with the community) we are looking for something that we only need to check in on every once in a while. We tried EVE and Runescape, but EVE is hard to approach and my friend played Runescape in the past and didn't like it (I know complete opposite problems) If you know any other games similar to these, I'd like to know about it!
  7. True but I don't have any on hand and a decent set would probably be more than the chromecast Thanks though!
  8. Yeah, but I don't use the TV that much, I still want to make some use of my chromebook, and I'm going to university soon so I'm moving out in a few months anyways (won't need it at school and nobody else in the family would use it) never really wanted a Chromecast anyways but while I've got the Chromebook...
  9. Wasn't sure which category this fit under so it's in general. My situation: have a Chromebook, loved that it did all my simple media and schoolwork easily and fairly easily. I dropped it one day and the half the screen is useless and the other half sucks too. I have it plugged in to my TV downstairs since only the screen is broken and sometimes use it to watch YoutTube while I cook and/or eat. It's really annoying to have to walk up to it to adjust something (skip ad, click another video, etc) I still want to make use of it so I was wondering if there was a way to make it act like a Chromecast. Control it from my phone or something.
  10. Ye, a standard dual stick controller and thanks i'm following the topic
  11. How would one go about taking a controller with them in a day bag? The control sticks worry me. Would it be fine to just throw it into a pocket somewhere?