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  1. I just replaced my GTX 970 with a new 2060 super. My two monitors are a Dell S2417DG (working, primary monitor) and a Dell U2414H (not working, second monitor). How the problem happened: Installed new GPU Plugged in monitors Primary monitor worked, second did not Furthermore whenever I fix the problem, it comes back the next day. At the end of the day I lock my computer and the monitors go to sleep but the computer stays running. HDMI also always works on the second monitor. As for troubleshooting, I feel like I've done everything in the book and things that will make the monitor work sometimes won't work the next. I have tried: 2 different DisplayPort cables (both have worked and not worked) Using DDU to remove all previous graphics drivers (this didn't make it work, at least not on its own) Turning DisplayPort 1.2 on and off on the second monitor (sometimes switching the setting either way makes it work, other times it doesn't) Sometimes connecting HDMI seems to make it work correctly(?) Power cycling monitor and PC (sometimes works sometimes doesn't) If anyone has any ideas I'd be very appreciative, thanks in advance. Also if you want any more information about my PC, monitors, etc. let me know.
  2. Yeah I tried one across the room from the one I normally use which is a power strip. I plugged it straight into the wall.
  3. I don't have an inline microphone and the issue is present when there is no input connected to the amp also.
  4. So I just recently got a pair of Hifiman HE-4XXs and plugged them into my Objective 2 amp to find that I have humming but only in the left channel and also only with these headphones. When I plug in my DT880s the same issue is not present. This happens with or without a source plugged in whether it be my computer, laptop, or phone. My first thought was a ground loop but my amp doesn't have a ground on the plug. I've also tried moving it away from any other electronics to try to eliminate possible EMI. Any thought on what could be causing this?
  5. Ok thanks a ton for your help, it's copying now.
  6. Ok it looks my current course of action will be to back up everything on my drive to another one then reinstall Windows, does that sound good to you?
  7. It's weird though because the very first time I booted with all of my new hardware everything worked fine.
  8. Is it possible to reinstall "just" Windows and not lose my games, files, programs, etc?
  9. I used my SSD from my previous computer, which I originally installed 8.1 on (this was 4 years ago) then upgraded to 10.
  10. As the title states, my keyboard and mouse work in the BIOS and in Linux but as soon as it begins booting Windows the light on my mouse turns off and once I reach the login screen neither works. I just installed a new CPU, RAM, and mobo but it's clearly a Windows issue since Linux (Ubuntu 14 to be exact) and my BIOS behave normally. I managed to reach the Windows 10 boot troubleshooting by shutting off the computer during startup then turning it back on and in this my KB/Mouse also work. Thanks in advance.
  11. Yeah the more I think about it the more it seems like a PSU issue. When I heard the fans my immediate thought was the motherboard but I don't think a motherboard could cause the shut downs.
  12. Here's a brief chronology of events/troubleshooting: Power outage (my computer is plugged into a UPS) I go to my computer, turn it off, then flip the switch on my power supply to off. The power comes back I flip the switch to on and attempt to turn on my computer, the fans are spinning extremely quickly, things are being rendered extremely slowly, and the computer turns itself off either during the boot sequence or shortly after making it into Windows. I take out my GPU and use integrated graphics and the rendering speeds up but the fans are still insane and I lose power. My thinking is that my problem is either the motherboard (the fans are all plugged into it and them acting funny seems like a sign) or the power supply (due to the power losses) What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading.
  13. Ok cool! I was just periodically checking the status for the past few days and I was thinking I haven't posted on the LTT forums in a while and I'm pretty new to the game and I only read the thread for 5 minutes. I'll be sure to check out the discord channel also.
  14. Hey, I just got this game last weekend and I've been loving it! I applied for the organization before posting anything in this thread or in this sub forum (sorry if that's wrong, my bad!). I was just wondering if there was something I needed to do/should be doing to increase my chances of being in the organization.
  15. Just to piggyback on this thread, I am having a very similar if not identical issue with my new 850 EVO (500 GB).