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    Ninjatation reacted to KRImSIN in YouTube to become PAID!   
    *cough* *cough* ad block.....still better
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    Ninjatation got a reaction from DanTheMuffinMan in [HELP] PSU + Hard Cage Cover/Shroud.   
    What was the website name?
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    Ninjatation got a reaction from Ethnod in Help Choosing a new secondhand phone   
    Nexus 5 is always a safe bet!
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    Ninjatation reacted to werto165 in SMS Self Destructing SSDs UPDATE: Pricing and Availability   
    Now you can buy SSDs which will physically break themselves when you send an SMS, with many fail safes if something goes wrong. I couldn't find the pricing on the website, but I assume it's going to be expensive.
    "Losing a laptop full of personal files like family photos is upsetting, but losing a laptop full of private corporate info and trade secrets is instead downright terrifying. So when you absolutely can't risk misplaced data falling into the wrong hands, a GSM-equipped SSD drive that can remotely physically self-destruct guarantees the utmost of security and privacy."
    "As soon as you realize a laptop or other hardware with the SecureDrives SSD installed has gone missing, all you need to do is send a pre-defined text message to its unique cellular number and the drive will be immediately destroyed. And we're not talking a quick format to erase its contents either. The SSD's enclosure features built-in mechanisms that will physically destroy the flash memory chips inside, making the data completely unrecoverable."
    "The SSD's enclosure features built-in mechanisms that will physically destroy the flash memory chips inside, making the data completely unrecoverable."
    "The second choice is to go further and fragment the NAND Flash and security controller via a physical destrcution process that takes place after the encryption key is fliped. This physcial fragmentation effectively renders your data safe from any form of forensic data recovery technique known, now and in the future. With the NAND Flash physically broken it cannot be mounted on special Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) through which vast banks of computer processing power are used in an attempt to access your data and crack encryption codes.  "
    Source: http://gizmodo.com/self-destructing-ssds-will-nuke-themselves-if-you-text-1640733628?utm_campaign=socialflow_gizmodo_twitter&utm_source=gizmodo_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow
    Manufactures Website: http://securedrives.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=73_75
    UPDATE: Pricing has been announced Autothysis128t will cost £1,027.00(Price includes 1 year GSM subscription. £29 per year there after) and the cheaper option is £967.00(doesn't include a touch screen token)
    Product Availability: 2nd quarter 2014
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    Ninjatation reacted to shadowblitz3 in Best Phones under 400SGD?   
    Xiaomi mi3 then. incredible price, 1080p, 13mp camera, high end cpu and gpu and also great battery
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    Ninjatation reacted to MbV93 in 4790K 5.0Ghz Safe Voltage?   
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    Ninjatation got a reaction from i_build_nanosuits in 4790K 5.0Ghz Safe Voltage?   
    Thanks for all the help guys, it survived the stress test pretty good but itactually crashed in the middle of the night during a long gaming session....so I sadly had to bring it down a bit!  <_<
    Right now I'm running 4.8ghz at 1.29 volts