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  1. Boat is going on land sometime on monday, will be without electricity and internet until late friday. 

    1. MyInnerFred


      Yo you still alive over there?

  2. Welcome to all new members! There is your cookie. Cookie updated.
  3. Just for the record, the first badge is the contributor/member badge, which you get at 21 work units. A milestone you are likely to hit before 1 million points. Aswell as the FAQ linked above, there is also the installation guide here. If you have any specific questions, i am sure people will be happy to answer to the best of their abilities.
  4. Seems like they might be having some problems, it isn't working on my end either.
  5. Aha, i see, thanks Different than what i was thinking about.
  6. Probably what i would go with, the whole reason for getting the second card is that it's a huge pain in the arse to constantly pause and unpause folding whenever you are doing something different. Then maybe you forget to unpause when you go to bed, potentially 8 or more hours wasted until you notice. You don't have to consider loss of QRB whenever you are gaming or doing something else, etc.. If you are looking for an alternative to a dedicated card, you could just leave the second card folding all the time. Potentially fold with the first card whenever you feel like it, that will leave more of an impact on the power bill though.
  7. Github is a fairly trusted resource as far as i am aware, nothing is 100% foolproof though. Might be better safe than sorry.
  8. How did you do this exactly? I usually suggest experimenting with the indexes in the client. This sounds like a more reliable/easier approach. From another guy who doesn't know what he is doing
  9. @kangk81 As mentioned above though, there is the FAHbench as one possible option for reasonable consistency. Admittedly i haven't used it myself, and i don't know how it correlates to actual folding performance.
  10. I am not sure what the intention behind this topic was, but i doubt there is enough content or food for discussion to warrant its own thread. - Locked
  11. Sorry but the rules on advertising are clear. - Locked
  12. Nice nice, welcome back. Persistence is key, just keep at it and you will definitely climb up the leaderboard with that ppd.
  13. I think not advertising = doesn't care, is an unwarranted assumption. That said, i don't know why they seem to have become so silent about it, they(mostly Luke) have been vocal about it in the past. As for benchmarks, as some have already mentioned, there are frequent driver problems and other irregularities, making any sort of consistency between benchmarks pretty difficult.
  14. They mentioned it here and there a while ago, especially on the wan show. I haven't been following their content that thoroughly lately, so i can't say for sure, but it does feel like they have stopped giving it attention. Maybe we could get a shoutout when the folding team reaches the 10'th spot on the leaderboard
  15. Huge necro... thread over 2 years old. -Locked