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  1. Probably not more than a stress test, but yes the psu fan is spinning up to dissipate the extra heat generated. I doubt it's something to worry about, and you likely can't do much about it aside from getting a different psu, clean the dust filters if you have any. My silver power psu is absolutely horrible if i stress both gpus at once, i try to keep it below the load where the fan goes crazy. Just because i don't want to listen to it, nothing else.
  2. Likely not advisable. Just to throw some unsubstantiated numbers at you let's say a mid range cpu gets from 20-40k ppd, while a mid range gpu might get from 150-300k ppd. Just to maximize sheer computing power, gpu's currently seem to be the way to go, that being the case, old server hardware might not be the ideal route.
  3. Depends on your budget, you are probably best of betting on gpus while spending minimum on everything else.
  4. Don't quite remember anymore, but i think it's a 5750, a 7950 and gtx 970. The 5000 series card did good until i knocked off the fan shroud and started taping it on If i get out of my current living situation, i might buy two 1070's or something to claw my way up the folding leaderboard again.
  5. Just a wild suggestion, but try using the 760 as the display card when installing the driver, it might not recognize it when its just idling there.
  6. I am just going to go ahead and lock this right away, i think we see where this is going with the choice of words and language being used. -Locked
  7. Still going strong, returned 5 wu's with no reported errors as far as i can see. No problem even with the old oc, i'd say the ppd might be about 10% lower, but don't quote me on that. Chances are i will revert and try an older driver anyway, but atleast i haven't seen any obvious issues.
  8. To make up for my previous blunder, for once i decided to take the bullet and try out the driver Looks good so far, on x21 9175, the ppd leaves something to be desired, but i will leave it over night and see what happens. Can't make any conclusions yet. Just as a tidbit, in the driver notes you can also find this. Seems like the ppd might be abit lower, and the load fluctuates more frequently though. Atleast compared to like.. 361 something that i used previously
  9. Atleast according to this: And this: Last known working driver is 372.70, i can't confirm this myself though, haven't tried the latest one. Would be nice with an update if there has finally been some progress. Edit: In hindsight i should have postponed my comment
  10. I don't use geforce experience or anything of the sort, but i think this should be the right link. Can find older drivers here, including 372.70, then just revert/re-install. You could be having a different issue though.
  11. I am not sure you can have duplicate names with different passkeys as separate id's, i haven't seen it myself. But in principle it seems sensible that you could. I would guess the same as comic_sans, you used an already existing name to fold with, likely without a unique passkey. The point total you see there is basically the total points of anyone who has ever used the name Ethan, with or without a team. It isn't "your" id per-se. Right below it you can see the actual points attached to an Ethan on our team in small writing. To try and clarify, first link is the generic all encompassing Ethan including all teams, the second link is specific to our team. Basically, no Ethan earned that many points in such a short timespan. Grab a passkey if you haven't already, or retrieve the old one if you lost it.
  12. If you go to device manager in windows, open the gpu tab, display adapters or whatever it is. Double click on the gpu and go to the driver tab, the last 5 digits should be it. You can also download/install something like GPU-Z. Probably not if it didn't prompt you to do so, more than likely won't hurt though. As imakuni mentioned, not all wu's are the same, different sizes etc etc.. So there isn't a solid answer on that, if the load consistently stays above 90% it's likely fine though. Assuming correct clockspeed, temps etc.. Remember to grab a passkey:
  13. @Ryan_Vickers Might be best to take it in a new thread, but what's the current load? if it's fairly consistently above 90% it should be good. It isn't stuck at 400ish mhz or something? might have had a driver crash.
  14. Most likely a driver problem, what version are you running?
  15. Total i assume? How much are you seeing with the 1060?