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  1. Total i assume? How much are you seeing with the 1060?
  2. Right, would it be possible to see the log? Just on a hunch i would guess it might be getting the wrong opencl/gpu index. Top left corner in the advanced client, go to slots, select the gpu(slot corresponding to 270x) and edit. You could test out opencl index from 0 to 1, a wu on each and see if you land on the right one. Currently it should be -1 as the default.
  3. Just to add to the topic, an update from stanford.
  4. Rather than folding at 0%, it doesn't sound like it's folding at all. Have you installed the proper drivers? Made sure you have actually received a wu, does the 1060 fold at all, are you failing wu's?
  5. Not really, mostly a smaller/lower workload for laptops and such. I don't really use it myself, no gpu support aswell, so only cpu.
  6. Looks like there is a small update on twitter, nothing definite yet though.
  7. Well, hopefully that isn't the case, there is indeed alot of potential there They usually do announcements though, seems strange that they would pull the plug like this.
  8. For what it's worth, i am indeed getting the same error. Not seeing much talk about it though.
  9. Generally not the kind of discussions we want to promote. While there might be a productive discussion to be had about the qualities and differences between consoles and pc's, this thread is not one of them. - Locked
  10. I doubt this is going anywhere good... -Locked
  11. ^ Just to specify a tiny bit, you can indeed run them on the same card, but doing both at the same time is pretty much pointless and detrimental for both of them. Considering both ideally want as much resources as possible, making them fight eachother isn't very productive Either you have two cards, use one for each, you could try using your cpu for one and gpu for the other. That needs alittle bit of configuring to get right though. Or you could just switch periodically between the two, or you could ofcourse just stick with one over the other. Boinc by itself offers access to a wide range of different projects though, folding is just one such project.
  12. In hindsight i kinda expected this, i've seen it before You could try changing the opencl index on the first slot, to either 0 or 1 depending on what it is now, see if it does anything. And/or the gpu index to get them to match. I would guess that fah might be mixing them up, can get it wrong when mixing gpus. To be honest, i don't know what problems it can cause when you haven't installed any drivers either. But, i have seen the same problem from driver issues before. So i would guess that either A) You have very outdated drivers on the 470, and you need an update, or B) fah is mixing up the indexes and trying to fold on the wrong gpu. Updating drivers, or pulling out the second gpu is probably the easiest/quickest to try first. Just by process of elimination, then you might know what the problem is.
  13. Have you found the actual process in the task manager? are you sure it's folding that is ramping up your cpu? is this on a desktop or laptop?
  14. Does google analytics in any way directly relate to SEO? aside from the practicality of it. I already found it 4'th from the top at the first page with different wording btw But i also found this ahead of it....
  15. Was about to say that i find it strange that i haven't seen any announcements on this, then again, i see that they link to the new site from the old one. Not really a fan of the layout to be honest.. Not really a fan of the new "one in a million" slogan either, but oh well. They seem to be taking a more "hip" advertising approach. It's really cool that they put in the work, and some of the stuff on the old site hasn't been updated in 3-4 years, so it probably needed a refresher. Hopefully it will show up on search engines eventually, not seeing it now atleast.